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                     THE NEGRO IN THE UNITED STATES

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Title: The Negro in the United States; a selected bibliography. Compiled
by Dorothy B. Porter

Author: Dorothy B. Porter

Release Date: May 02, 2011 [EBook #36021]

Language: English

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Produced by Suzanne Shell and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team

_A Selected Bibliography_

_Compiled by_ DOROTHY B. PORTER

_Librarian of the Negro Collection, Howard University_


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  - 01--REFERENCE SOURCES--Bibliographies, Guides, Indexes

  - 02--REFERENCE SOURCES--Encyclopedias, Biographical Dictionaries,

  - 03--ART




  - 07--COOKERY



  - 10--ECONOMIC CONDITIONS--Employment





  - 15--HISTORY

  - 16--HISTORY--Slavery

  - 17--HISTORY--Reconstruction


  - 19--LITERATURE--History and Criticism

  - 20--LITERATURE--Anthologies

  - 21--LITERATURE--Essays and Addresses

  - 22--LITERATURE--Fiction

  - 23--LITERATURE--Humor

  - 24--LITERATURE--Plays

  - 25--LITERATURE--Poetry


  - 27--MILITARY Service

  - 28--MUSIC


  - 30--POLITICS

  - 31--PRESS


  - 33--RACE RELATIONS--Riots




  - 37--SOCIAL CONDITIONS--Children

  - 38--SOCIAL CONDITIONS--Crime and Delinquency


  - 40--SPORTS


                     THE NEGRO IN THE UNITED STATES



The career of Daniel Alexander Payne Murray, who served as a member of
the staff in various capacities "up to an assistant librarian" from 1871
to 1922, is a natural starting point for a discussion of Negro materials
in the Library of Congress. While serving in his first position in the
Library, as a personal assistant to the Librarian, Ainsworth R.
Spofford, Mr. Murray undertook the systematic study of "the origin and
historical growth of the colored race throughout the civilized world,"
which he hoped would result in an encyclopedic history of his race.
Almost 30 years later, he was chosen by Herbert Putnam, then just
beginning his career as Librarian, to respond to a request from
Ferdinand W. Peck, Commissioner General of the United States to the
Paris exposition of 1900, that a collection of books and pamphlets by
Afro-American authors be made a feature of the American exhibit at the
exposition. Within a period of 2 weeks, Mr. Murray prepared a
preliminary list of 223 works written by 152 Negro authors. The purpose
of this list was to aid in securing a copy of "every book and pamphlet
in existence, by a Negro Author, the same to be used in connection with
the exhibit of Negro Authorship in the Paris Exposition of 1900, and
later placed in the Library of Congress."

It was soon discovered that, owing to Dr. Spofford's foresight, the
Library of Congress was "uncommonly rich in such books and pamphlets,"
but "no little difficulty was encountered then and subsequently in
identifying them." By the time the world exposition at Paris opened in
May 1900, however, Mr. Murray had located 1,100 titles written by Negro
authors, of which about 500 were forwarded to the exposition. Thomas J.
Calloway, special agent for the U.S. Commission at the exposition, wrote
that "the most creditable showing in the exhibit is by Negro authors
collected by Mr. Daniel Murray of the library of Congress."

After the close of the Paris exposition, Mr. Murray continued to collect
works by Afro-American, Afro-European, and West Indian authors and to
amass a varied collection of Afro-Americana. At his death in 1925, the
library of Congress received by provision of his will a unique
collection of some "1,448 volumes and pamphlets, 14 broadsides, and 1
map, with the idea that it should form part of the material especially
selected by him for exhibit purposes." The books that had been sent to
the Paris exposition were kept together upon their return to the
Library. This small collection, along with Mr. Murray's bequest and a
few volumes presented to the library by Mrs. Anna Murray after her
husband's death, became the "Colored Author Collection." Many of the
titles have since been cataloged and added to the general collections.

_The Preliminary List of Books and Pamphlets by Negro Authors, for Paris
Exposition and Library of Congress_ (1900), compiled by Daniel Murray,
appears to have been the first effort on the part of the Library to draw
attention to works by and about Negroes.

In 1906 Appleton Prentiss Clark Griffin, chief of the Division of
Bibliography, directed the compilation of a _Select List of References
on the Negro Question_, published by the library. It contained entries
for 232 books and 286 periodical articles published during the period
1879-1906. The library also published in the same year a _List of
Discussions of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments_, which comprised
103 entries. Both bibliographies included titles relating primarily to
Negro suffrage and the Negro in the South and were compiled to "meet
requests by letter upon topics of current interest."

In 1940, for the 75th anniversary of the proclamation of the 13th
amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which abolished
slavery, the Library prepared and issued a bibliography of its special
materials on the Negro. In connection with this anniversary, the Library
also mounted an exhibition of books, manuscripts, and works of art and
arranged a series of concerts. The festival of music and the exhibits
that opened on December 18, 1940, vividly presented the contribution of
the American Negro to American culture.

Without question both scholars and the general public are aware that the
Library of Congress has extensive holdings on the Negro, not only
printed books and periodicals but also manuscripts, music, prints,
photographs, motion pictures, and sound recordings. This awareness is
reflected in the steady flow of requests for bibliographies and other
guides to Negro studies that the Library receives. The factors that
stimulate such requests are rooted in the national--indeed, the
worldwide--interest in the American Negro which recent social and
cultural events in this country have intensified. For many years the
Library has responded to this interest by issuing from time to time
typed lists relating to various aspects of Negro life.

The mounting interest in Negro history and culture, manifested
particularly by the introduction of courses in these subjects in high
school, college, and university curricula, has given rise to a demand
for lists of books that can be used to support such studies. The present
bibliography is designed to meet the current needs of students,
teachers, librarians, researchers, and the general public for
introductory guidance to the study of the Negro in the United States.

This bibliography is selective rather than exhaustive. Among the topics
covered are the urban Negro, relations between the races, discriminatory
practices in all areas, and efforts to obtain political and economic
freedom, as well as the education and cultural history of the Negro, his
religious life, the social conditions under which he lives, and his
historical past. Included are works depicting the lives of outstanding
Negroes--abolitionists, fugitive slaves, educators, civil rights
leaders, scientists, journalists, religious leaders, artists, athletes,
and literary figures.

The selection of many of the titles, especially in the fields of
literature and history, was based on the frequency of requests for
particular works in large library collections on the Negro and on their
inclusion in the numerous bibliographies and reading lists now being
compiled for use in junior colleges, colleges, and universities. In
addition, bibliographic lists and essays appended to such works as _From
Slavery to Freedom_, by John Hope Franklin; _North of Slavery_, by Leon
F. Litwack; _The Burden of Race: a Documentary History of Negro-White
Relations in America_, by Gilbert Osofsky; _The Negro in the Civil War_,
by Benjamin Quarles; _The Black Power Revolt_, edited by Floyd B.
Barbour; and _The Negro in the United States_, by E. Franklin Frazier,
were consulted. Use was also made of previously published bibliographies
such as Monroe Work's _Bibliography of the Negro in Africa and America_
and Erwin A. Salk's _A Layman's Guide to Negro History_.

While some books written especially for children and young people are
included, and some of the other publications cited are well adapted to
their use, no systematic effort was made to represent material of this
type. Lists such as Miles M. Jackson's _Bibliography of Negro History &
Culture for Young Readers_ may be used as guides in this field.

Identification of writers by race has not been attempted except in the
section on fiction, which lists only novels and short stories written by
representative Negro authors. While the writings of white novelists are
not cited, the importance of the treatment of Negro characters and the
educational, moral, and artistic value of works by such authors as
Howard Fast, William Faulkner, Harper Lee, Du Bose Heyward, Julia
Peterkin, Lillian Smith, Harriet Beecher Stowe, T. S. Stribling, and
Mark Twain are undisputed. Apart from fiction, the publications of both
white and Negro writers are included throughout the bibliography.

The compiler gratefully acknowledges the invaluable editorial assistance
of Mary Jane Gibson, assistant head of the Bibliography and Reference
Correspondence Section, General Reference and Bibliography Division,
Library of Congress. Miss Gibson also prepared the index. The compiler
wishes to express her appreciation as well to Ruth S. Freitag, head of
the Bibliography and Reference Correspondence Section, for helpful
suggestions and for assistance in indexing and proofreading, and to
Robert H. Land, chief of the General Reference and Bibliography
Division, for emphasizing the need for the bibliography and offering
encouragement while the work was in progress.

                                                       Dorothy B. Porter

_April 1969_


_Scope._ The emphasis of this bibliography is on recent monographs in
the collections of the library of Congress, although a number of
important older works, a few periodicals, and several titles from the
holdings of other American libraries are included.

_Arrangement._ Entries are arranged alphabetically by author under broad
subject headings that reveal the Negro's part in numerous aspects of
American life, culture, and history. An index of names and subjects is

_Annotations._ Entries have been given brief annotations where
clarification seemed necessary. Because of the increasing importance for
the building of library collections of scholarly reprints of long
unavailable classics in Negro literature and history, indication of
reprint editions has been made where possible.

_Call numbers and location symbols._ Location of items is indicated
either by a Library of Congress call number or location symbol, or, for
material in another library, by the National Union Catalog symbol for
that library. A key to the symbols used is given on the next page.


    DHU  Howard University, Washington, D.C.

    DLC  Library of Congress (uncataloged)

    DLC-LL  Library of Congress, Law Library (unclassified)

    FU  University of Florida, Gainesville

    ICN  Newberry Library, Chicago, Ill.

    ICU  University of Chicago

    MH  Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.

    NNC  Columbia University, New York, N.Y.

    NcD  Duke University, Durham, N.C.

    NcU  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

    PSt  Pennsylvania State University, University Park

    TxU  University of Texas, Austin

    Vi  Virginia State Library, Richmond


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27--MILITARY Service

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This is primarily an author and subject index. Numbers refer to entries.
References to books about persons or associations are preceded by the
word "about," to distinguish them from books by those persons or

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American Council of Learned Societies Devoted to Humanistic Studies,
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American Council on Education, American Youth Commission, 40, 1719

American Council on Race Relations, 494

American Folklore Society, 26, 698, 703

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Associations. _See_ Organizations

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Autobiography. _See_ Biography and autobiography

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_Baltimore Afro-American_, 1051

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Birmingham, Ala., 556, 1625

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Business education, 433

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CORE. _See_ Congress of Racial Equality

CROSS-TELL. _See_ Communicating Research on the Urban Poor

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    University Bancroft Library, 1595
      Institute of Governmental Studies, 1635
      Institute of Industrial Relations, 480
      Survey Research Center, 1518
    University at Los Angeles
      Art Galleries, Dickson Art Center, 89
      Dept. of Journalism, 1456
      Institute of Government and Public Affairs, 413
    University, Davis, 89

Caliver, Ambrose, 562- 563

Callis, Myra C., 452

Calverton, Victor F., ed., 976

Calvin, Mich., 690, 692

Camden Co., N.J., 549

Campanella, Roy, 174

Campbell, Angus, 1586

Campbell, Charles, 230a

Campbell, E. Simms, illus., 1237

Campbell, Ernest Q., 564

Campbell, Tunis G., 385

Campbell, Will D., 1660

Canada, 774, 907

Cannon, Alice, 693

Cape Fear River Valley, N.C., 900

Carawan, Candie, 1346

Carawan, Guy, 1346

Carleton, William G., 1440

Carmer, Carl L., 674, 684

Carmichael, Bennie, 638

Carmichael, Stokely, 318

Carnegie Institution of Washington, Division of Historical Research, 820

Caroline Co., Va., 705

Carruth, Eleanore, 415

Carter, Dan T., 1756

Carter, Hodding, 890, 1480

Carter, Wilmoth A., 319, 429

Carver, George Washington

    about, 118, 134, 191, 221
    bibliography, 12

Cashin, Herschel V., 1315

Cass, Donn A., 1384

Cass Co., Mich., 1613

Cate, Margaret D., 1653

Catholic authors, bibliography, 45

Catholic Church, 119, 199, 229, 375, 546, 1661, 1664, 1672

Catholic Interracial Council, 229

Catterall, Helen H. T., ed., 933

Cattle trade, 165

Caughey, John W., 725

Cayton, Horace R., 438, 1607

Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, 344, 1481

Center for Urban Education, 22

Central State College, Wilberforce, Ohio

    about, 1617
    Library, 18b
    _See also_ Wilberforce University, Wilberforce, Ohio

Chamberlain, Bernard P., 1757

Chambers, Bradford, comp., 320

Chambers, Herbert A., ed., 1347

Chambers, Lucille A., ed., 726

Chamerovzow, Louis A., ed., 169

Chaney, James E., about, 124

Chapel Hill, N.C., 1608a

Chapman, Abraham, 6

    comp., 977

Chappell, Louis W., 685

Charleston, S.C., 676, 847

Charleston, W. Va., 537

Charlottesville, Va., 1759a

Charters, Ann, illus., 1238

Charters, Samuel B., 1238, 1348

Chase, Lucy, 923

Chase, Sarah, 923

Chastain, Thomas, 1062

Cherokee Indians, 246

Cherry, Gwendolyn, 111

Chesler, Mark A., 601

Chesnutt, Charles W., 1063- 1067

    about, 175, 952

Chesnutt, Helen M., 175

Chi Eta Phi Sorority, 1390

Chicago, 1395, 1420, 1579, 1598, 1607, 1643, 1663, 1686

    housing, 497, 503, 510, 518
    Illinois National Half-Century Exposition, 1617
    Mayor's Commission on Human Relations, 497
    Office of Housing and Redevelopment Coordination, 1598
    Plan Commission, 1598
    riots, 1579
    University Center for Policy Study, 1580
      Chicago Community Inventory, 503, 1598
      Law School, 935
      Population Research and Training Center, 528
      _The Chicago Defender_, about, 261

Chicago Historical Society, 1012

Chicago Urban League, 1395

Child, Lydia M. F., 112

Child Rearing Study of Low Income Families in the District of Columbia,
1752, 1767

Child Welfare League of America, 1747

Children, 1745-54, 1767.

    _See also_ Family; Socially handicapped children, Youth

Children's literature. _See_ Juvenile literature

Children's writings, 609- 610

Christensen, Mrs. A. M. H., 686

Christian, Kathryn, 727

Christian, Malcolm H., 176

Christmas, Walter, ed., 113

Church. _See_ Religion and the church.

Church and race problems, 229, 321, 375, 498, 510, 529, 559, 1016, 1491,
1552, 1660- 1661, 1675, 1679, 1686, 1690, 1697.

    _See also_ Segregation ----religious aspects; Slavery, ----and
    the church

Cincinnati, 1603

    Public Schools, 728

Cities and towns, 344, 355, 381, 415, 419, 879, 1715, 1738- 1739, 1744

    bibliography, 55
    education, 548, 569, 588, 608, 633, 645, 663
    politics, 1406
    race relations, 1482

Citizens' Councils, 1480

City University of New York, 90

Civil disobedience, 325a, 1014, 1444, 1591

Civil Liberties Educational Foundation, 4

Civil rights, 309- 982, 397, 486, 761, 931- 932, 937, 1340, 1400, 1414,
1434, 1447, 1450, 1463, 1507- 1508, 1511, 1516, 1590, 1704, 1732, 1761

    bibliography, 4, 52
    biography and autobiography, 135, 145, 187, 201, 208, 229, 244,
    256, 270, 354
    essays and addresses, 310, 323, 347, 720, 1001, 1005, 1007,
    1013, 1015, 1017, 1022- 1023, 1025- 1026, 1033, 1036, 1038,
    1041, 1456
    history, 315, 319- 320, 353, 373
      sources, 312, 332, 334
    humor, 1201
    pictorial works, 337
    Southern States, 326, 340, 356, 360, 369, 374, 380, 575, 1401,

Civil Rights Act of _1964_, 314, 330, 1022

Civil rights workers, 124, 356

Civil service, 454, 461, 467, 478.

    _See also_ Government officials and employees

Civil War, 288, 763- 764, 893, 908, 915, 923, 1312, 1331

    causes, 859
    fiction, 1184
    Kentucky, 730, 791
    Maryland, 796
    Middle West, 794
    Negro troops, 1285, 1314, 1316- 1317, 1320, 1337, 1340- 1343
    New York (City), 833
    sources, 751

Clark, Alexander G., 1385

Clark, Alfred T., 725

Clark, Dennis, 1482

Clark, Henry, 498

Clark, Kenneth B., 565, 636, 1001, 1483- 1484, 1570, 1745, 1749

    ed., 1005

Clark, Mary T., 321

Clark, Peter W., 1599

Clark, Septima P., 177

Clarke, Jacquelyne J., 322

Clarke, John H., ed., 1002, 1068, 1600

Claspy, Everett, 1601

Clay, Cassius Marcellus, about, 1772

Clayton, Edward T., 1411

Cleaver, Eldridge, 1485- 1486

Cleaves, Mary W., 19

Cleghorn, Reese, 1452

Clemons, Lulamae, 1706

Clergymen, 1042, 1667

    autobiography, 217, 274, 284, 306, 848
    biography (collective), 80- 81, 119, 149
    biography (individual), 173, 193, 199, 303.
    _See also_ King, Martin Luther, about

Cleveland, 377, 1454

    Public Schools, 711

Clift, Virgil A., ed., 566

Clough, Benjamin C., 1594

Clowes, Richard M., 725

Cobb, William Montague, 1286- 1288

Cobb, Price M., 1293

Coffin, Levi, 816

Cogley, John, 1481

Cohen, Haskell, 239

Cohen, Irving S., 760

Cohen,Jacob, 329

Cohen, Jerry, 1573

Cohn, David L., 1707

Colby, Clinton E., 21

Cole, Nathaniel (Nat "King"), about, 140

Coleman, Edward M., ed., 1269

Coleman, James S., 567

Coleman, John Winston, 817

Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel, about, 120

Coles, Robert, 568, 1746

College Entrance Examination Board, 584

Colleges. _See_ Universities and colleges

Collins, Charles W., 934

Collins, Mary E., 502

Collins, Winfield H., 1487

Colonization, 717, 774, 787, 1000, 1003- 1004

Columbia University

    Conservation of Human Resources Project, 583
    Council for Research in the Social Sciences, 43, 1719a
    Graduate School of Business, 407, 428
    Teachers College, 563, 574, 598, 627, 664
      Bureau of Publications, 530, 608, 615, 663, 1748
      Institute of Higher Education, 615

Comedians, 140, 184, 208, 279, 335

Commager, Henry S., comp., 323

Commission on Race and Housing, 499, 505, 508, 514, 524

Communicating Research on the Urban Poor, 1752

Communism, 1038, 1389, 1394, 1419, 1434, 1442

Community leadership, 349, 1427, 1596, 1732

Conant, James B., 569

Concklin, Seth, about, 857

Condition of slaves, 133, 828- 829, 831, 845, 858, 875

Conference for the Study of the Negro Problems

    4th, Atlanta, _1899_, 430
    5th, Atlanta, _1900_, 577
    8th, Atlanta, _1903_, 1665
    9th, Atlanta, _1904_, 1758
    10th, Atlanta, _1905_, 9
    11th, Atlanta, _1906_, 1291
    12th, Atlanta, _1907_, 403
    16th, Atlanta, _1911_, 578

Conference of Community Leaders on Equal Employment Opportunity,
Washington, D.C., _1962_, 439

Conference of Negro Writers, 1st, New York, _1959_, 978

Conference on Discrimination and the Law, University of Chicago, _1963_,

Conference on Jewish Social Studies, 1488

Conference on Negro-Jewish Relations in the United States, New York,
_1964_, 1488

Congaree River, 674

Congress of Racial Equality, 329, 1382

_The Congressional Globe_, 931

Congressional Quarterly Service, Washington, D.C., 324

_Congressional Record_, 931

Congressmen. _See_ Legislators

Connecticut, 488, 873, 1618a, 1648b

    Commission on Civil Rights, 440, 500- 501, 1489
    housing, 500- 501
    segregation, 1489
    University, Center for Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies,

Connelly, Marcus C., 695, 1207

Connery, Robert H., ed., 1589

Conot, Robert E., 1574

Conrad, Earl, 177a, 729

Conroy, Jack, 102

Consumers, 399, 404, 412

    bibliography, 23

Converts, 246, 1664, 1669

Cook, C. C., 1403

Cook, James G., 1490

Cook, James T., 21

Cooke, Paul P., 325

Cookery, 383- 395

Coombs, A. G., 1758

Cooper, Anna J., 600

Cooper, Mary U., 389

Cooperative movement, 403, 418

Cope, Myron, 1771

Cornell-Tompkins County Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Fayette
County, Tennessee, 1412

Cornely, Paul B., 1289

Cornish, Dudley T., 1316

Corwin, Edward H. L., 1290

Cotner, Robert C., 212

Cotter, Joseph S., 1068a, 1208

Cotton, Ella E., 178

Cottrell, John, 1772

Couch, William, comp., 1209

Coulter, Ellis M., 730, 891, 1413

Council of Social Welfare, Oklahoma City, 1626

Countryman, Vern, ed., 935

Courlander, Harold, 687, 1349

Covarrubias, Miguel, illus., 697, 1353- 1354

Cowboys, 240, 443

Cox, Archibald, 325a

Cox, John H., 1414

Cox, LaWanda C. F., 1414

Cox, Oliver C., 1717

Craig, Tom, 1585

Crain, Robert L., 570

Craven, Avery O., 892

Cregar, Ralph, 1491

Crichlow, Ernest, illus., 213, 288

Crime and delinquency, 1540, 1723, 1754- 1762

Crime and the press, 325a

Crogman, William H., 70

Cromwell, John W., 88, 731, 1415

Cromwell, Otelia, ed., 979

Cronon, Edmund D., 179

Crow Indians, 159

Crowe, Charles R., ed., 893

Crum, Mason, 1602

Crummell, Alexander, 1003- 1004

    about, 120

Crump, Paul, 1069

Crump, Spencer, 1575

Cruse, Harold, 1708

Cuffe, Paul, about, 120

Cullen, Charles, illus., 1239, 1242

Cullen, Countee, 1070- 1071, 1239, 1241- 1243

    ed., 1240
    about, 953, 958

Culp, Daniel W., ed., 980

Cultural Exchange Center, Los Angeles, 94

Culver, Dwight W., 1662

Cumberland Co., N.J., 1644

Cummings, John, 1733

Cunard, Nancy, comp., 981

Cuney, Norris W., about, 212

Cuney, Waring, ed., 1244

Cunningham, Virginia, 180

Current, Richard N., ed., 894

Curry, Jesse E., 1492

Curtin, Thomas J., 633

Cushing, Richard J., Cardinal, 119

Cuthbert, Marion V., 571

Dabbs, James M., 1493

Dabney, Lillian G., 572

Dabney, Wendell P., 1603

Dade Co., Fla., 538

_Daedalus_, 1005

Daly, John J., 181

Daly, Victor, 1071a

Damerell, Reginald G., 573

Dancing, 170, 190, 955

Dancy, John C., 182

Daniel, Bradford, ed., 1006

Daniel, Sadie I., 114

Daniel, Vattel E., 1663

Daniel, William A., 1744

Daniels, John, 1604

Daniels, Jonathan, 1566

Dannett, Sylvia G. L., 115

David, Jay, comp., 116

Davidson, Bruce, illus., 1005

Davie, Maurice R., 732

Davis, Allison, 1709

Davis, Arthur P., ed., 975

Davis, Christopher, 1072

Davis, David B., 818

Davis, Edwin A., 183

    ed., 1616

Davis, Harry E., 1386

Davis, John P., ed., 65

Davis, L. D., 1758

Davis, Lawrence A., 1448

Davis, Ossie, 1210

Davis, Robert E., 400

Davis, Sammy, Jr., 184

    about, 140

Davis, William R., 574

Day, Helen C., 1664

Day, Richard E., 575

Daykin, Jon J., 441

Dayton, Ohio, 1391

Dees, Jesse W., 1494

Degrees, academic, 587

De Jong, Gordon F., 1605

De Knight, Freda, 386

De Land, Clyde O., illus., 1067

Delany, Martin R., 733


    education, 652
    housing, 530

DeLay, H. S., illus., 1079

Delta Sigma Theta, 1396a

Demby, William, 1073- 1074

    about, 966

De Mond, Albert L., 401

Dennett, John R., 895

Dennison, Tim, 1350

Dentists, 1292

Derbigny, Irving A., 576

De Santis, Vincent P., 1416

Des Moines, Public Schools, 727

Detroit, 182, 1606, 1648a

    riots, 1581, 1585

Detroit Urban League, 182

    Research Dept., 1606

Dett, Robert N., ed., 1351

Detweiler, Frederick G., 1458

Deutsch, Morton, 502

Dewey, Donald, 469

Dexter, Charles, 1778

Dickinson, Donald C., 7

Dickson Art Center, 89

Diggs, Charles C., 432

Diggs, E. Irene, 68

Dill, Augustus G., ed., 578

Dillard, James H., 1284a

Dillon, Merton L., 819

Diplomats, 231, 292

Direct action, 341, 1382

Directories, 66, 76, 131, 802, 1459a

Discrimination. _See_ Race discrimination, Segregation

Dissertations, academic, bibliography, 25, 40

District of Columbia, 148, 1610, 1614

    civil rights, 368
    Dept. of Public Welfare, 402
    education, 546, 572, 652
    employment, 452, 454, 488
    housing, 511, 532
    slavery, 942
    _See also_ Washington, D. C.

Divine, Father, about, 262

Dobbin, Donald D., 1648

Dobie, James Frank, 682

    ed., 688- 689

Dobler, Lavinia G., 117

Dodds, Barbara, 8

Dodson, Owen, 1075, 1245

Dogan, M. W., 70

Dollard, John, 1710

Donald, David, 1422

Donald, Henderson H., 442, 896

Donnan, Elizabeth, ed., 820

Donohugh, Agnes C. L., 68

Donovan, Frank R., 821

Doriot, George F., 435

Dorman, Michael, 326

Dorson, Richard M., comp., 690

    ed., 691- 692

Douglas, Aaron, illus., 722, 1221, 1240, 1266

Douglas, William O., 822

Douglass, Frederick, 185- 186, 1007, 1460

    about, 120, 200, 269, 952
    bibliography, 17

Douglass, Joseph H., 424

Douty, Esther M., 187

Dover, Cedric, 84

Dover, Maureen, 84

Dowd, Douglas F., ed., 1412

Doyle, Bertram W., 1495

Drake, Merci L., 472

Drake, St. Clair, 1607, 1719

Drama, 665, 670, 672, 948, 1209

Drawings, 97

Dreer, Herman, 956

Drew, Charles R., about, 211, 237

Drew Theological Seminary, 1667- 1668

Drewry, William S., 823

Drimmer, Melvin, comp., 1008

Drisko, Carol F., 897

Drotning, Phillip T., 734

Duberman, Martin B., 332, 1211

    ed., 824

DuBois, William E. B., 188- 189, 425, 712, 825, 898, 1009- 1010, 1076-
1080, 1496, 1608

    ed., 9, 68, 403, 430, 577- 578, 1291, 1522, 1665, 1758
    about, 118, 127, 134, 167, 280- 281, 952, 966
    bibliography, 188

Ducas, George, ed., 770

Duckett, Alfred, 276

Dudley, James B., about, 132

Dumas, Alexandre, pere, about, 120

Dummett, Clifton O., ed., 1292

Dumond, Dwight L., 10, 327, 826- 827

Dunbar, Alice M. _See_ Nelson, Alice R. M. D.

Dunbar, Ernest, 1711

Dunbar, Paul L., 1081- 1086, 1246- 1248

    about, 120, 166, 180, 952

Dunbar High School, Washington, D.C., 600

Duncan, Beverly, 503, 1598

Duncan, Eula G., 693

Duncan, Otis D., 444, 503, 1598

Duncan, S. E., 629

Duncan, Thelma M., 1223

Dunham, Katherine, 190

    about, 170

Dunning, William A., 899

Durden, Robert F., ed., 1439

Durham, Philip, 443

Durham, N.C., 1425

D'Usseau, Arnaud, 1212

Dykeman, Wilma, 1497

Dykes, Eva B., ed., 979

Eason, Warren, 1554

East St. Louis, Ill., 1584

Eastman, George, 1492

Eaton, Isabel, 1608

_Ebony_, 67, 1011

Eckard, E. W., 469

Economic conditions, 396- 539, 1037, 1597, 1607

    bibliography, 40
    _See also_ Business; Employment; Housing, under names of places
    and regions, e.g., Southern States ----economic conditions

Edmonds, Helen G., 1417

Edmonds, Randolph, 1213- 1215

Edmonson, Munro S., ed., 1309

Education, 114, 131- 132, 426, 433, 440, 450, 540- 664, 746, 980, 1039,
1290, 1298

    bibliography, 37a, 53, 59
    statistics, 543, 567, 639
    _See also_ Educators, Race discrimination ----in education;
    Segregation ----in education; Teachers and teaching,
    Universities and colleges

Educational Foundation of the National Council of Negro Women, 495

Educators, 132, 222, 227, 257, 597.

    _See also_ Teachers and teaching

Edwards, Gilbert Franklin, 444

    ed., 1019, 1504

Edwards, Paul K., 404

Edwin, Ed, 219

Egypt, Ophelia S., 831

Ehle, John, 1608a

Eichenberg, Fritz, illus., 693

Eichner, Alfred S., 1505

"80 John," about, 165

Einstein, Charles, 249- 250

Eisenhower, Dwight D., about, 256

Eisenstadt, Murray, 735

Elections, 1418, 1425, 1432.

    _See also_ Gerrymander, Voting

Elinson, Howard, ed., 1031

Elkins, Stanley M., 828

Elks of the World, Improved Benevolent and Protective Order of, 1398

Ellington, Duke, about, 140

Elliott, Lawrence, 191

Ellis, Ethel M. V., comp., 11, 37a

Ellison, Ralph, 957, 1087

    about, 966

Ellison, Virginia H., 4

Emancipation, 764, 796, 803, 864, 882, 930

Emancipation Proclamation, 821, 904, 921, 1015

Emanuel, James A., 192

    comp., 982

Embree, Edwin R., 118

Emilio, Luis F., 1317

Emmett, Daniel D., about, 1369

Emond, Norma J., 1648

Employment, 407, 410, 413, 416, 428, 432, 434- 492, 898, 1313, 1704,
1719a, 1743

    bibliography, 43

Encyclopedias, 68

English, James W., 193

Entertainment, 665- 672.

    _See also_ Drama; Jazz music, Music;
    biography (collective), 140.
      _See also_ Actors; Comedians, Jazz musicians, Minstrels,

Episcopalians, 1657, 1700

Eppes, Susan B., 1712

Epps, Archie, ed., 1027

Eppse, Merl R., 736- 737

Epstein, Lenore A., 420

Essays and addresses, 995- 1044, 1404, 1485, 1504, 1661.

    _See also_ under subjects, e.g., Civil rights, ----essays and

Essien-Udom, Essien U., 1498

European War, _1914-1918_, 1319, 1327- 1328, 1332

    economic aspects, 489
    fiction, 1071a
    music, 1370

Evans, William McKee, 900

Evers, Medgar W., about, 127, 1499

Evers, Mrs. Medgar, 1499

Expatriates, 1711

Explorers, 218, 253

FEPC. _See_ U.S. Committee on Fair Employment Practice

Facts on File, New York, 328, 370

Fager, Charles E., 1500

Faggett, Harry L., ed., 1051

Fahey, William A., 136

Falls, C. B., 1266

Faltermayer, Edmund K., 415

Family, 1763- 1770.

    _See also_ Children;

Fanshel, David, 1747

Farmer, James, 329, 1014

    about, 145

Farr, Finis, 194

Father Divine, about, 262

Faubus, Orval E., about, 1556

Faulkner, William, about, 970

Fauset, Arthur H., 1666

Fauset, Jessie R., 1088- 1090

Fax, Elton, illus., 687

Fayette Co., Tenn., 1412

Federal Writers' Project, 829

Feelings, Tom, illus., 115, 845

Fein, Rashi, 405

Feldman, Eugene P. R., 195

Felton, Ralph A., 1667- 1668

Ferguson, Blanche E., 958

Ferguson, Clarence C., 550

Ferman, Louis A., 445

    comp., 446
    ed., 1713

Ferris, William H., 738

Ficklen, John R., 901

Fiction, 1044a- 1199

    bibliography, 4, 61, 960
    history and criticism, 949, 954, 959- 960, 963

Fields, Uriah J., 1501

15th amendment

    about, 931, 1415
    bibliography, 57

Filler, Louis, 830

1st amendment, about, 346

Fishel, Leslie H., 739

Fisher, ----, 157

Fisher, Dorothy C., 305

Fisher, Elijah J., about, 196

Fisher, Miles M., 195, 1352

Fisher, Paul L., ed., 1013

Fisher, Rudolph, 1091- 1092

Fisher, Walter, 217

Fisk University, Nashville, about, 563

    Social Science Institute, 831, 1669

Fitzgerald, Ed, ed., 204

Fitzhugh, George, 832

Fitzhugh, H. Naylor, ed., 432

Fleischer, Nathaniel S., 1773

Fleishman, Stanley, 330

Fleming George J., 69, 1418

Fleming, Walter L., 406

    ed., 902- 903

Fletcher, Tom, 666

Flipper, Henry O., 197- 198

Florida, 209, 228, 488

    Attorney General, 579
    education, 579, 652
    folk-lore and folk-tales, 697
    housing, 538
    politics, 1440
    Reconstruction, 916, 926
    State University, Tallahassee, 916

Fogelson, Robert M., 1586

Foley, Albert S., 119, 199

Foley, Eugene P., 447

Folk-lore and folk-tales, 172, 673- 710

    bibliography, 15

Folk-songs. _See_ Songs

Foner, Philip S., 200, 833

Fontaine, William T., 1501a

Football, 206, 224, 1771

Foote, Nelson N., 504

Ford, James, ed., 523

Ford, James W., 1419

Ford, Nick A., 959

    ed., 1051

Foreman, Paul B., 51

Forman, James, 201, 354

Forten, Charlotte L., 580

Forten, James, about, 187

Fortune, Amos, about, 243

Fortune, T. Thomas, 1502

_Fortune_, 415

Foster, William Z., 740

Fountain, William A., 81

14th amendment

    about, 363, 496, 654, 931, 934, 945
    bibliography, 57

Fowler, Julian S., ed., 35

Francis, Charles E., 1318

Frank, Waldo, 1159

Franklin, Charles L., 448

Franklin, John H., 315, 725, 741- 743, 904- 905, 1012

    comp., 331, 1503

Frazier, Edward Franklin, 744, 1504, 1670, 1714, 1765- 1766

Frederick, John T., 992

Fredrickson, George M., ed., 837

Freedman's Savings and Trust Company, Washington, D. C., 406

Freedmen, 241, 594, 642, 759, 896, 903, 912, 923

    biography (collective), 112
    Florida, 916
    Maryland, 1654
    North Carolina, 741
    Virginia, 458

Freedmen's Bureau, about, 241, 883, 885, 903

Freedom of Information Conference, 8th, University of Missouri, _1965_,

Freemasons, 1384- 1386, 1396, 1399

Freidel, Frank B., 745

Friedman, Leon, comp., 332

Frontier and pioneer life, 159, 198, 240

Fugitive slaves, 815- 816, 834, 848, 866, 872.

    _See also_ Slavery, ----biographies and narratives; Underground

Fuller, Meta V. W., about, 134, 952

Fuller, Thomas O., 746, 1671

Furman, Abraham L., 1158a

Furness, William H., 857

Furr, Arthur, 1327

Gallagher, Buell G., 581

Gangs, 1619

Gara, Larry, 834

Gardner, Burleigh B., 1709

Gardner, Gordon A., 1706

Gardner, Mary R., 1709

Garfinkel, Herbert, 449

Garrison, Lucy M., comp., 1344

Garvey, Amy J., 202

Garvey, Marcus, 203,

    about 134, 179, 202

Gaskins, Ruth L., 387

Gass, Gertrude Z., 484

Gates, Robbins L., 582

Gauerke, Warren E., 585

Gay, William T., 1609

Geis, Gilbert, 717

Geismar, Maxwell, 1486

Genovese, Eugene D., 835

    ed., 417

Georgetown, D.C., 942

Georgia, 1413, 1653

    biography and autobiography, 147, 193, 234
    Commission on Education, 1389
    crime, 1758
    Dept. of Law, 936
    education, 597, 623, 643, 652
    folk-lore and folk-tales, 701, 708
    Laws, statutes, etc., 936
    politics, 1413, 1451a
    Reconstruction, 884a, 1413
    segregation, 936
    slavery, 157, 169, 841, 862
    University, about, 643

_Georgia Historical Quarterly_, 1413

Gerrymander, 1447

    bibliography, 13

Gewecke, Clifford G., 154

Ghana, 717

Gibson, Althea, 204

Gibson, Gertrude, illus., 1204

Gibson, John S., 633

Gibson, John W., 70

Gilbert, Ben W., 1576

Gilbert, Olive, 205

Gillard, John T., 1672

Gillogly, David K., 538

Ginzberg, Eli, 428, 450, 456, 583, 1505

    ed., 407

Glazer, Nathan, 1766

    ed., 505

Glenn, Norval D., 721

Gloster, Hugh M., 960

Goff, Regina M., 1748

Goldblatt, Harold S., 506

Golden, Harry L., 177, 333, 1491, 1532

Goldston, Robert C., 747

Goldwin, Robert A., comp., 1014

    ed., 1015

Gomillion, Charles G., about, 1447

Gonzales, Ambrose E., 694- 694a

Goodman, Andrew, about, 124

Goodman, Mary E., 1749

Goodman, P., 1014

Gordon, Edmund W., 584

Gordon, Joan, 1629

Gosnell, Harold F., 1420

Gouldtown, N.J., 1644

Gourlay, Jack G., 451

Government officials and employees, 454, 461

    biography (collective), 113, 459
    biography (individual), 256
    _See also_ Civil service

Gow, James, 1212

Graham, Frank P., 1536

Graham, Hugh D., 1459

Graham, Lorenz B., 1093

Graham, Shirley, 206- 207, 1094- 1095

Grant, Joanne, comp., 334

Grantham, Dewey W., 1468

Gray, Alma L., 19

Gray, Thomas R., 878

Greater Minneapolis Interfaith Fair Housing Program, 529

Green, Constance M., 1610

Green, Donald R., 585

Green, Elizabeth L., 961

Green, John M., ed., 1623

Green, Paul, 674, 1227

Green, Robert L., 586

Green, William T., 1628

Greenberg, Jack, 595, 937

Greene, Ellen F., 1295

Greene, Harry W., 587

Greene, Lorenzo J., 452- 453, 748

Greene, Mary F., 588

Greensboro, N.C., 515

Greenville, S.C., 1427

Greer, Scott A., 1715

Gregory, Dick, 208, 335, 1200- 1201

Gregory, Montgomery, ed., 1221

Grier, Eunice S., 507- 509, 520, 1526

Grier, George W., 507- 509, 520, 1526

Grier, William H., 1293

Gries, John M., ed., 523

Griffin, Appleton P. C., 57- 58

Griffin, John A., 638

Griffin, John H., 1716

Grigg, Charles, 349

Griggs, Sutton E., 1096- 1096a

Grigsby, William G., 524

Grimke, A. H., 1403

Grimke, Angelina W., 1216

Grimke, Francis J., 1016- 1017, 1403

Groppi, James E., about, 1593

Gross, Milton, 265

Gross, Seymour L., ed., 962

Gross, Theodore L., comp., 982

Grossack, Martin M., ed., 1294

Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry, Committee on Social Issues, 589

Guilford Co., N.C., 1554

Guinn, Dorothy C., 1223

Gula, Martin, 1750

Gullahs, 694, 707, 1602, 1651.

    _See also_ Sea Islands, S.C.

Gulledge, Ola L., 1375

Gunner, Frances, 1223

Gurin, Patricia, 590

Guzman, Jessie P., 12, 591- 592

Haber, Alan, ed., 1713

Hadley, James S., 1494

Haiti, fiction, 1056

Halasz, Nicholas, 836

Haley, Alex, 237a

Haley, James T., comp., 71

Hall, Charles E., 1736

Hall, Woodrow W., 13

Hallock, Robert, illus., 136

Hamer, Fannie L., 374

Hamilton, Charles V., 318

Hammon, Briton, 209

Hammon, Jupiter, 1281

Hammond, Jabez D., ed., 251

Hampton, Wade, about, 1423

Hampton Institute, Hampton, Va., 1351

    about, 227
    Collis P. Huntington Library, 14

Handbooks, 67, 77

Handler, M.S., 237a

Handlin, Oscar, 336, 1584, 1611

Handy, William C., 210, 1618b

    ed., 1353- 1354

Hansberry, Lorraine, 337, 1217

Hansen, Carl F., 593

Hardwick, Richard, 211

Hardy, John E., ed., 962

Hare, Maud C., 212, 1223, 1355

Hare, Nathan, 1717

Harkey, Ira B., 1506

Harlan, Louis R., 281, 749

Harlem, New York (City), 1600, 1615, 1631- 1633

    education, 609- 610
    history, 95
    poetry, 1276
    riots, 1583
    social conditions, 168, 1483, 1612, 1629, 1640

Harlem Cultural Council, 90

Harlem Globetrotters, 1781

Harlem Hospital, 1290

Harlem Youth Opportunities Unlimited, New York, 1612

Harmon, John H., 427

Harmon Foundation, 85

Harper, Frances E. W., 1097

Harrington, Michael, 1713

Harrington, Ollie, illus., 1203

Harris, Abram L., 408, 486

Harris, Fred R., 1293

Harris, Jacqueline L., 163

Harris, Janet, 338, 1507

Harris, Joel Chandler, 695

Harris, Louis, 313, 1477

Harris, Theodore D., ed., 198

Harrison, Deloris, 213

Harrison, William P., 1673

Hart, Albert B., 866

Hartshorn, William N., ed., 750

Haskell, Daniel C., 21

Hatch, John D., 82

Hatcher, Andrew D., 367

Hausrath, Alfred H., 1321

Hawkins, Hugh, ed., 214

Hawkins, William G., 215

Hawley, Langston T., 469

Hayden, James J., 933

Hayden, Robert E., 1249- 1250, 1252

    comp., 1251

Hayden, Thomas, 1577

Hayden, William, 216

Hayes, Laurence J. W., 454

Hayes, Roland, 1356

    about, 134

Hayes, Rutherford B., 594

Haynes, Elizabeth R., 120

Haynes, George E., 455

Haynes, Leonard L., 1674

Hays, Brooks, 1508

Haywood, Charles, 15

Headley, Madge, 1744

Health. _See_ Medicine and health

Healy, James A., Bishop, about, 199

Heaps, Willard A., 1578

Heard, Alexander, 1421, 1426

Heartman, Charles F., 16, 46

    ed., 1283

Heartman Negro Collection, 49

Hedgeman, Anna A., 339

Hefner, Hugh M., 1200

Height, Dorothy I., 1509

Helper, Hinton R., 837, 1563

Henderson, Edwin B., 1774

Henderson, George W., 1098- 1099

Henderson, Mary, 18a

Henkle, Henrietta. _See_ Buckmaster, Henrietta, pseud.

Henning, John F., 456

Henry, Robert S., 906

Henry, Waights G., 409

Henson, Josiah, 217

    about, 120

Henson, Matthew A., 218

    about, 253

Hentoff, Nat, 1510

    comp., 1376

Henton, Comradge L., 1751

Herskovits, Melville J., 1718

Herzog, George, 1367

Hesseltine, William B., ed., 751

Hesslink, George K., 1613

Heyward, Dorothy H. K., 1218

Heyward, Du Bose, 1218

Heywood, Chester D., 1319

Hickey, Neil, 219

Hiestand, Dale L., 456

Higbee, Jay A., 938

Higginson, Thomas W., 918, 1320

Hill, Clifton T., illus., 1272

Hill, Herbert, 595

    ed., 480, 983- 984

Hill, John H., 1100

Hill, Joseph A., 1733

Hill, Robert B., 1586

Hill, Roy L., 121, 1018

Hill, Samuel E., 474

Hill, Timothy A., 410

Hillery, George A., 1605

Himes, Chester B., 1101- 1107

    about, 966

Hirshson, Stanley P., 1422

Historians, 790

Historical Records Survey, District of Columbia, 17

Historiography, 749, 790, 999

History, 99, 102, 309, 320, 327, 341, 351, 362, 366- 367, 372, 711- 930,
1472, 1500, 1505, 1507, 1535a, 1567, 1578, 1591, 1632, 1643, 1694, 1724

    bibliography, 19, 30, 44, 48, 749, 756
    chronology, 786
    essays and addresses, 65, 785, 798- 799, 995, 1008, 1018, 1029,
    pictorial works, 726, 746, 753
    sources, 712, 720, 724, 735, 739, 751, 755, 769, 795, 820, 881,
    972, 1529, 1595
    _See also_ Reconstruction; Slavery, ----names of wars, e.g.,
    Civil War, under names of subjects, places, and regions, e.g.,
    Virginia ----history

Hobson, Julius W., 1507

Hodges, Carl G., comp., 752

Hoffman, James, 554

Hogan, William R., 183

    ed., 1616

Holdredge, Helen O., 220

Holland, Annie W., about, 132

Hollander, Barnett, 838

Holley, Joseph W., 596- 597

Hollitz, Erwin, 1706

Holmes, Dwight O. W., 598

Holmes, Eugene C., ed., 1019

Holmes, Hamilton, about, 643

Holmes, Samuel J., 411

Holsey, Alban L., 70

Holsey, Lucius H., Bishop, about, 173

Holt, John, 609

Holt, Len, 340

Holt, Rackham, 221- 222

Home Missions Council of North America, 1691

Homer, Dorothy R., 33

Hope, John, 469, 1403

Hopkins, Thomas A., 347

Horne, Lena, 223

    about, 140

Horney, Helen, 752

Horowitz, Benjamin, 97

Horton, David S., 1038

Hough, Joseph C., 1675

Housing, 465, 493- 539, 1533, 1553, 1593, 1624

    bibliography, 55, 517
    statistics, 528, 534

Houston, Tex., 399

Hoving, Thomas P. F., 95

Howard, James, ed., 853

Howard, Oliver O., about, 241

Howard University

    Gallery of Art, 92
    Graduate School, 454, 799
    Division of the Social Sciences, 1019
    Library, Moorland Foundation, 11, 18

Howe, Mark D., 325a

Howells, William D., 1246

Hoyt, Edwin P., 224

Hubbard, Geraldine H., comp., 35

Hughes, Carl M., pseud. _See_ Hughes, John M. C.

Hughes, Everett C., 1607

Hughes, John M. C., 963

Hughes, Langston, 122- 123, 225- 226, 667, 753, 985, 1108, 1110- 1115,
1219, 1244, 1253- 1257, 1259- 1261, 1387

    ed., 696, 1109, 1202, 1244, 1258
    about, 7, 118, 134, 192, 252
    bibliography, 7

Hughes, Louis, 1628

Hughes, William H., ed., 227

Huie, William B., 124, 228

Hull, Marie, illus., 1204

Hullfish, Henry Gordon, ed., 566

Humor, 1200- 1204.

    _See also_ Comedians

Humphrey, Hubert H., ed., 599

Humphrey, Norman D., 1581

Hundley, Mary G., 600

Hunt, B. H., 1563

Hunter, Charlayne, about, 643

Hunter, Jane E., about, 114

Hunter, Kristin, 1116- 1117

Hunter, Thomas L., 705

Hunton, George K., 229

Hurst, John F., Bishop, 1148

Hurston, Zora N., 697, 1118- 1119

Huson, Carolyn F., 457

Hussey, Edith L., 18a

Hyman, Harold M., comp., 908

    ed., 907


    Chicago Commission on Race Relations, 1579
    Emancipation Centennial Commission, 752
    history, 752
    riots, 1584
    University, 907
    _See also_ Chicago

Imari, Brother, 341

Imes, Nella. _See_ Larsen, Nella

Income, 525, 636

Indexes, 18b, 37a

Indiana, 1621, 1646

Indiana Co., Pa., 871

Indiana Historical Bureau, 1646

Indians of North America, captivities, 209, 246

Industrial relations, 435, 473

Industrial Relations Counselors, 473

Industry, 415, 433

Inger, Morton, 570

Ingram, Tolbert R., ed., 1676

Institute of Early American History and Culture, Williamsburg, Va., 754,

Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations (University of
Michigan--Wayne State University), 490

Institute of Race Relations, 315

Institute of Social and Religious Research, 539, 1685, 1744

Insurance, 421, 427

_Integrated Education_, 602, 658

Integrated Education Associates, 59, 602

Integration. _See_ Segregation

Intellectual life, 789, 1708

International Research Associates, 603

Iowa, 727, 1385

Isaacs, Edith J. R., 668

Isaacs, Harold R., 342

Ishmael, Woodi, illus., 705

Isom, Mary E., illus., 393

Jackson, Bruce, comp., 698

Jackson, Clyde O., 1357

Jackson, George P., 1358

Jackson, Joseph H., 343

Jackson, Luther P., 458- 459, 1752

Jackson, Mahalia, 230

Jackson, Miles M., 19

Jackson, Robert G., illus., 610

Jackson, Wagner D., 530

Jackson, Walter C., ed., 1284a

Jacobs, Paul, 344

Jacobson, Julius, ed., 460

Jaffa, Harry V., 1014- 1015

Jaffe, Abram J., 604

Janowitz, Morris, 1580

Jarrell, Hampton M., 1423

Jarrette, Alfred Q., 1424

Jazz music, 1345, 1348, 1353- 1354, 1361- 1364, 1366, 1368, 1374, 1376,

    bibliography, 26, 41
    discography, 1364, 1366, 1368, 1381

Jazz musicians, 1348, 1363, 1368, 1374, 1381

    biography (collective), 144
    biography (individual), 151, 210, 271, 1345, 1364

Jeffers, Camille, 1767

Jefferson, Isaac, 230a

Jefferson, Thomas, about, 230a, 251

Jenkins, William S., 839

Jernegan, Marcus W., 839a

Jerome, Victor J., 669

Jews, 842, 1488, 1524, 1659

John Dewey Society, 566

John F. Slater Fund, New York, 594

John Henry, about, 685, 700

Johns Hopkins University, Operations Research Office, 1321

Johns Island, S.C., 1346

Johnson, Andrew, about, 911

Johnson, Charles S., 516, 523, 605, 1545, 1559, 1613a, 1719

    ed., 986
    about, 118

Johnson, Clifton H., 20

Johnson, Edward E., 1751

Johnson, Frank R., 840

Johnson, Georgia D., 1262- 1263

Johnson, Guion, 68

Johnson, Guy B., 699- 700, 708, 1371

Johnson, Haynes B., 1614

Johnson, James W., 231, 1120, 1265- 1266, 1511, 1615

    ed., 1264, 1359- 1360
    about, 134, 292, 952- 953

Johnson, John A. (Jack), about, 194, 1225, 1772

Johnson, John Rosamond, 1359

    ed., 1360

Johnson, Joseph T., 412

Johnson, Lyndon B., 785, 1005, 1020, 1481

Johnson, Mordecai W., about, 118, 134

Johnson, Philip A., 510

Johnson, Roger M., 995

Johnson, T. J., ed., 131

Johnson, William, 1616

    about, 183

Johnston, Ruby F., 1677

Joiner, William A., comp., 1617

Joint Health Education Committee, Nashville, 1295

Joint Survey Commission of the Baptist Inter-convention Committee, 1678

Jones, Butler A., 164

Jones, Charles C., 701

Jones, Elizabeth O., illus., 1378

Jones, Eugene K., about, 134

Jones, Everett L., 443

Jones, Howard Mumford, 1320

Jones, Howard O., 1679

Jones, Joseph C., illus., 706

Jones, LeRoi, 1021, 1121- 1122, 1220, 1267, 1361- 1362

    comp., 987
    ed., 988
    about, 966

Jones, Scipio A., about, 134

Jones, Thomas J., 651a

Jones, William H., 511

Jordan, Lewis G., 1680

Jordan, Winthrop D., 754

Joseph, Donald, 675

_Journal of Negro Education_, index, 37a

Journalists. _See_ Press-- biography

Jubilee Singers, 1055

Julius Rosenwald Fund, 1, 72, 1295

Just, Ernest E., about, 134

Justice, administration of, 354, 1761

Juvenile literature, 101, 111, 117, 122- 123, 139- 140, 187, 213, 268,
702, 711, 768, 805, 897, 921, 1230, 1507, 1578

    bibliography, 2, 19, 22, 29, 42, 51

Kahn, Tom, 345

Kaiser, Inez Y., 388

Kalven, Harry, 346

Kansas, 579

Kaplan, Louis, 21

Kardiner, Abram, 1296

Karon, Bertram P., 1297

Katz, Daniel, 590

Katz, Shlomo, ed., 1524

Katz, William L., 240, 756

    comp., 755

Kauffer, Edward McKnight, illus., 1259- 1260

Kaufman, William I., 389

Kay, Barry, 530

Keckley, Elizabeth H., 232

Keech, William R., 1425

Keeler, Miriam, 472

Keil, Charles, 1363

Kelley, Ann, illus., 710

Kelley, William M., 1123- 1125

Kellogg, Charles F., 1388

Kemble, Frances A., 841

Kendall, Robert, 606

Kendall College, Evanston, Ill., 1037

Kennedy, John F., 361, 378

    about, 333, 367

Kennedy, Louise V., 43, 1719a

Kennedy, Robert F., 347

Kenney, John A., 1298

Kentucky, 1299, 1476, 1605

    education, 620, 652
    history, 730, 791
    slavery, 162, 791, 817, 857
    University, 620
      Dept. of Rural Sociology, 1605

Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio, Public Affairs Conference Center, 1014

Kephart, William M., 1759

Kerlin, Robert T., 1268, 1512

Kerner Commission. _See_ U.S. National Advisory Commission on Civil

Key, Valdimer O., 1426

Killens, John O., 1126- 1128, 1513

Killian, Lewis M., 348- 349

Kilpatrick, James J., 607

Kilpatrick, William H., 581

King, Donald B., ed., 1022

King, Glen D., 1492

King, Martin Luther, 124, 350- 352, 354, 1014, 1023- 1024, 1411, 1484,

    about, 125, 127, 160, 163, 213, 238, 248, 268, 270

Kinzer, Robert H., 431

Kirkeby, W. T. E., 1364

Kirsch, Robert, 1573

Kitt, Eartha, 233

    about, 140

Kleiner, Robert J., 1305

Knapp, Robert B., 608

Knight, Charles L., 512

Knights of the White Camelia, 903

Knoxville, Tenn., 1536

Koblitz, Minnie W., 22

Koger, Azzie B., 1681

Kohl, Herbert R., 609- 610

Konvitz, Milton R., 353

Korey, William, ed., 368

Korn, Bertram W., 842

Kornbluh, Joyce L., comp., 446

    ed., 1713

Kornhauser, Stanley H., 611

Kozol, Jonathan, 612

Kraus, Henry, 513

Krehbiel, Henry E., 1365

Krislov, Samuel, 461

Ku Klux Klan, 903, 1539

Kunstler, William M., 354

Kvaraceus, William C., 633

Kytle, Elizabeth L., 234

Labor and laboring classes, 438, 448, 455, 477a, 486, 832, 839a, 1704.

    _See also_ Slave labor, Trade-unions

Ladd, Everett C., 1427

Lader, Lawrence, 843

Lake, Verge, ed., 941

Lancaster, Emmer M., 23

Lancaster, H. Carrington, 1269

Lane, Lunsford, about, 215

Laney, Lucy, about, 114, 134

Langhorne, Orra H. M. G., 1618

Langston, John M., about, 120

Lanusse, Armand, comp., 1269

Larer, Marian L., illus., 181

Larkins, John R., 1720

Larsen, Nella, 1129- 1130

Larsson, Clotye M., ed., 1721

Latham, Frank B., 844

Latin America, 788, 799, 907

Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial, New York, 802

Laurenti, Luigi, 514

Lauter, Sylvia, 1523

Law enforcement, 1492, 1759, 1760- 1761. _See also_ Police

Lawrence, Jacob, illus., 1256

Lawson, James, 345

Lawyers, 146, 354, 492, 944

Lead Belly, about, 1367

Leaman, Samuel H., 515

Leckie, William H., 1322

Ledbetter, Huddie, about, 1367

Lee, Alfred M., 1581

Lee, Frank F., 1618a

Lee, George W., 1131, 1618b

Lee, Irvin H., 1323

Lee, L. Tennent, ed., 540

Lee, Reba, pseud., 235

Lee, Ulysses G., 1324

    ed., 975

Legal status, 376, 378, 575, 822, 913- 947, 1015

LeGette, Blythe, 177

Legislators, 1413

    biography (collective), 108- 109, 128, 1407, 1445
    biography (individual), 195, 219, 236, 242

Lehrer, Stanley, ed., 555

Leighton, Frances S., 264

Leighton, George R., 1313

Leinwand, Gerard, comp., 355

Leland, Charles G., 702a

Leskes, Theodore, 353

Lessing, L., 415

Lester, Julius, 1514

    comp., 845

Levene, Helene H., comp., 752

Levin, Arthur J., 522

Levitt, Arthur, 1592

Levy, Charles J., 356

Lewinson, Paul, 24, 1428

Lewis, Anthony, 357

Lewis, Claude, 236

Lewis, Hylan, 1619, 1722, 1767

Lewis, John, about, 145

Liberia, 801

    poetry, 1277

Libraries, 603

Lichello, Robert, 237

Liebow, Elliot, 1619

Lief, Harold, 1309

Lightfoot, Claude M., 1515

Lightfoot, Philip M., about, 1447

Lightfoot, Robert M., 1759a

Lincoln, Abraham, about, 148, 232, 791, 821- 822, 910, 1012

Lincoln, Charles Eric, 757, 1025, 1682- 1683

    comp., 358
    ed., 753

Lincoln, Mary Todd, about, 232

Lincoln University, Chester Co., Pa., American Studies Institute, 39

Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Mo., School of Journalism, 5

Lindsay, Arnett G., 427

Lipsyte, Robert, 208

Liston, Sonny, about, 308

Literature, 948- 1285

    bibliography, 6- 8, 16, 18, 18b, 21, 28, 34, 36- 37, 45- 46, 56,
    61, 961, 965, 979
    history and criticism, 6, 8, 948- 974, 1238, 1615, 1637
      bibliography, 25

Little, Malcolm, 237a, 758, 1026- 1027, 1484

    about, 125, 341, 966

Little Rock, Ark., 544, 551, 559, 635, 1508

Littlejohn, David, 964

Litwack, Leon F., 759, 1563

Lloyd, Arthur Y., 846

Locke, Alain L., 82, 86- 87, 99a, 955, 1366

    ed., 989, 1221
    bibliography, 1019

Lodge, Henry Cabot, Jr., 726

Loescher, Frank S., 1684

Lofton, John, 847

Logan, Frenise A., 1620

Logan, Rayford W., 185, 760- 762, 799

    ed., 230a, 1019, 1429

Loggins, Vernon, 965

Loguen, Jermain W., 848

Lokos, Lionel, 238

Lomax, Alan, 1346

    ed., 1367

Lomax, John A., ed., 1367

Lomax, Louis E., 125, 359

Long, Herman H., 516

Los Angeles, 606, 1571- 1575

Lott, Albert J., 1299

Lott, Bernice E., 1299

Louis, Joe, 239, 1775

    about, 118, 254

Louisiana, 389, 393, 1309, 1381, 1587, 1599, 1637, 1732

    cookery, 389, 393
    education, 652
    employment, 457
    folk-lore and folk-tales, 675, 697
    housing, 519
    Militia, 1325
    poetry, 1269
    Reconstruction, 901
    riots, 1587
    slavery, 865, 876
    Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College,
    Baton Rouge, Dept. of Psychology, 1751
    State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, 1325

Louisiana Historical Association, 876

Louisville, Ky., 1476

L'Ouverture, Toussaint. _See_ Toussaint Louverture, Francois D.

Love, John L., 1403

Love, Nat, 240

Love, Rose L., ed., 702

Lovejoy, Owen, about, 242

Lowe, Richard, illus., 679

Lowenstein, Ralph L., ed., 1013

Lubell, Samuel, 1516

Lucas, John, 1368

Lufkin, Raymond, illus., 718

Lundy, Benjamin, about, 819

Lyda, John W., 1621

Lyford, Joseph P., 1481

Lyle, Jack, ed., 1456

Lynch, John R., 909, 1460

Lynching, 1487, 1540, 1561

Lynk, Miles V., 1300

Mabry, William A., 1430

McCall, Dan, 967

McCann, Gerald, illus., 122

McCarthy, Charles H., 910

McCauley, Patrick, ed., 638

McCollum, Ruby, 228

McCone Commission, 1575

McConnell, Roland C., 1325

McCoo, Edward J., 1223

McCord, Charles H., 1723

McCord, William M., 1621a

McCulloch, Margaret C., 64

McDonald, Erwin L., 1491

McEntire, Davis, 514

    ed., 505

MacEoin, Gary, 229

McFeely, William S., 241

McGill, Ralph, 541

McGinnis, Frederick A., 613- 614

McGrath, Earl J., 615

McGraw, James R., 335

McGuinn, Henry J., 1744

Macguire, Robert R., illus., 1070

Mack, Raymond W., 1028

McKay, Claude, about, 953

McKitrick, Eric L., 911

    ed., 849

McLoughlin, William G., 812

McManus, Edgar J., 850

McMillan, Lewis K., 616

McNamee, Lawrence F., 25

Macon Co., Ala., 1613a

McPherson, James M., 763- 764

McQuade, Walter, 415

McWhiney, Grady, ed., 912

McWilliams, Carey, 1517

McWorter, Gerald A., 570

Madden, Martin B., 196

Maddox, Harry, illus., 1204

Magdol, Edward, 242

Magoun, F. Alexander, 243

Mahammitt, Sarah H. T., 390

Mahier, Edith, illus., 1273

Major, Clarence, comp., 1270

Majors, Monroe A., 126

Malcolm X. _See_ Little, Malcolm

Malcolm X Society, Detroit, 341

Mallery, David, 617

Mallory, Edward J., ed., 1775

Malvin, John, 244

Malzberg, Benjamin, 1301

Mandelbaum, David G., 1326

Manes, Isabel C., ed., 317

Mangum, Charles S., 939

Mann, Arthur W., 245, 1776

March on Washington Movement, 449, 1023

Marfuggi, Joseph R., 163

Margolies, Edward, 966

Market surveys, 399

Marrant, John, 246

Marriage, 1763

Marshall, F. Ray, 462- 464, 474

Marshall, Herbert, 247

Marshall, Paule, 1132

Marshall, Thurgood, about, 127, 145

Martin, Robert E., 1019

Marx, Barbara, 18a

Marx, Gary T., 1518

Mary Peter, Sister, 375

Maryland, 1622, 1627, 1654, 1681

    Commission on Interracial Problems and Relations, 618- 619, 1622
    education, 546, 618- 619, 652
    employment, 488
    politics, 1418
    slavery, 157, 185- 186, 267, 298, 796, 813, 1654

Mason, Charles N., ed., 368

Mason, Julian D., ed., 1282

Mason, Monroe, 1327

Massachusetts, 1317, 1604, 1648

    Commission Against Discrimination, 465
    education, 612
    slavery, 852

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for International Studies,

Mather, Frank L., ed., 79

Matheus, John, 1223

Matlack, Lucius C., 162

Matthews, Brander, 1265

Matthews, Donald R., 1431

Matthews, Joseph B., 1389

May, Ernest R., 725

May, Samuel J., 851

Mayfield, Julian, 1133- 1135

Mayhew, Leon H., 465

Mays, Benjamin E., 160, 968, 1685

Mays, Willie, 249- 250

Mazyck, Walter H., 765

Medal of Honor, 1323

Medicine and health, 858, 1286- 1311.

    _See also_ Nurses, Physicians

Medico-Chirurgical Society of the District of Columbia, about, 1286

Meece, Leonard E., 620

Meier, August, 766- 767, 769

    comp., 1029
    ed., 720

Melbourn, Julius, 251

Meltzer, Milton, 252, 667, 753, 768- 769

Memphis, Tenn., 1618b

Mendelsohn, Jack, 360

Mental illness, 1301, 1305

Merchant marine officers, 258

Meredith, James H., 621

    about, 127

Merriam, Alan P., 26

Messner, Stephen D., 517

Metcalf, George R., 127

Methodist Church (United States)

    Jurisdictional Conferences, Central, 1662
    Woman's Division of Christian Service, 941

Methodists, 1662.

    _See also_ African Methodist Episcopal Church

Mexico, 198

Meyer, Gladys E., 622

Meyer, Sylvan, 1462

Meyers, Sandra G., 604

Meyerson, Martin, 518

Micheaux, Oscar, 1136

Michigan, 182, 1601, 1606, 1613, 1623, 1648a

    folk-lore and folk-tales, 690- 692
    Freedmen's Progress Commission, 1623
    riots, 1581, 1585
    State University, East Lansing, College of Education, 586
      Bureau of Industrial Relations, 475
      Survey Research Center, 590

Middle classes, 583, 1714

Middle West, 794

_Midstream_, 1524

Migration, 102, 442, 1719a, 1742

    bibliography, 43

Military service, 197, 765, 1312- 1343

Millea, Thomas V., 1686

Miller, Abie, 1724

Miller, Elizabeth W., 27

Miller, Floyd, 253

Miller, Helen S., 1390

Miller, Herman P., 413

Miller, Joe A., comp., 446

Miller, Kelly, 1030, 1328, 1403

Miller, Loren, 940

Miller, Margery, 254

Miller, May, 1223

    ed., 1224

Miller, Warren, 1137

Milwaukee, 1628, 1630

    riots, 1593

Milwaukee County Historical Society, 1628

Ministers. _See_ Clergymen

Minneapolis, 529

Minnesota, 1642

    bibliography, 48
    employment, 437
    Governor's Human Rights Commission, 1624
    housing, 529, 1624

Minorities, 505, 1028, 1490, 1517, 1635

    bibliography, 1, 51

Minstrels, 666, 1369

Miscegenation, 1546, 1721

Missions, 1673

Mississippi, 183, 1451, 1480, 1506, 1519, 1616, 1641, 1652

    civil rights, 124, 311, 340, 374, 1621a
    education, 621, 652, 661
    Reconstruction, 909
    slavery, 875
    social conditions, 1707, 1728
    University, 621

Mississippi Valley, folk-lore and folk-tales, 677


    education, 652
    folk-lore and folk-tales, 702a
    freemasons, 1385
    University, Freedom of Information Center, 1013

Mitchell, George S., 438

Mitchell, Loften, 670

Mitchell, Roland, 350

Mitchell Co., Tex., 165

Momboisse, Raymond M., 1582

Monroe, N.C., 380

Montgomery, Ala., 270, 1501, 1609

Monticello, Va., 230a

Moody, Anne, 1519

Moon, Bucklin, 1520

    ed., 990

Moon, Henry L., 1432

Moore, Archie, 255

Moore, George H., 852, 1625

Moore, Geraldine H., 1625

Moore, Peter W., about, 132

Moore, Richard B., 1725

Morais, Herbert M., 1302

Morgan, John W., 623

Morin, Relman, 638

Morris, Richard B., 850

Morrow, Everett F., 256

Morsbach, Mabel, 728

Morton, Richard L., 1433

Moseley, J. H., 128

Motley, Willard, 1138- 1141

Moton, Robert R., 70, 257, 1521

    about, 134, 227

Mott, Abigail F., comp., 129

Moving pictures, 140, 669

Moy, Seong, illus., 695

Moynihan, Daniel P., 1768- 1769

Moynihan Report, 1768- 1769

Muhammad Ali, 1772

Muhammad Mosque of Islam No. 2, 1689

Mulzac, Hugh, 258

    about, 145

Murphy, Beatrice M., ed., 1271- 1272

Murphy, Raymond J., ed., 1031

Murphy, William S., 1573

Murray, Daniel A. P., 28

Murray, Florence, ed., 74

Murray, Freeman H. M., 88

Murray, Lindley, 129

Murray, Pauli, 130

    ed., 941

Muse, Benjamin, 362, 624

Music, 685, 688- 689, 698- 700, 955, 1344- 1381

    bibliography, 15
    _See also_ Jazz music, Songs

Musicians, 951, 1348, 1355, 1361, 1366, 1368, 1372, 1374, 1381

    autobiography, 152, 156, 223, 230, 233, 283, 1345
    biography (collective), 123, 140, 1380
    _See also_ Jazz musicians, Minstrels

Myers, Phineas B., 1391

Myrdal, Gunnar, 1483, 1726, 1730- 1731

Nabrit, James M., 1022

Names, 1725

Nash, Paul, 547

Nast, Bernhard, illus., 1108

Natchez, Miss., 183, 1616

Nathan, Hans, 1369

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, 494, 1287-
1288, 1522

    about, 304, 535, 1387- 1389, 1394, 1400
    Education Dept., 29
    Labor Dept., 466

National Association of Dramatic and Speech Arts, about, 672

National Association of Independent Schools, Committee on Educational
Practices, 617

National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials, 368

National Baptist Convention of the United States of America, Foreign
Mission Board, 1656

National Catholic Conference for Interracial Justice, 996, 1661

National Collection of Fine Arts, 96

National Conference on Equal Employment Opportunity, Washington, D.C.,
_1962_, 467

National Conference on Small Business, Washington, D.C., _1961_, 432

National Council of Negro Women, 391

National Council of Teachers of English, 8, 42

National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of

    Dept. of Racial and Cultural Relations, 18a
    Division of Christian Education, 30

National Dental Association, 1292

National Education Association of the United States, Research Division,

National Industrial Conference Board, 468

National Medical Fellowships, 1303

National Opinion Research Center, 457, 570

National Planning Association, Committee of the South, 469

National Scholarship Service and Fund for Negro Students, 565, 626, 632

National Urban League, 414, 986, 1392- 1393, 1523

    Community Relations Project, 1626
    Dept. of Research and Community Projects, 31, 470, 1627

Neal, Larry, comp., 987

Needham, Maurice D., 519

Negro Bibliographic and Research Center, 3a

Negro Culinary Art Club of Los Angeles, 392

Negro Health Survey, Pittsburgh, 1304

Negro-Jewish relations, 1488, 1524

Negro Publication Society of America, 857

Negroes in art, 83, 86- 89, 95, 665, 955, 1215, 1221, 1224

Negroes in literature, 86- 87, 665, 670, 952, 954- 955, 957, 959- 962,
969- 970, 974, 1215, 1221, 1223- 1224

    bibliography, 6, 22, 29, 42

Nell, William C., 1329

Nelson, Alice R. M. D., ed., 1032

Nelson, Bernard H., 363

Nelson, John H., 969

Nelson, Truman J., 1583

Neshoba Co., Miss., 124

Nevins, Allan, 926

New England, 843

    slavery, 748
    _See also_ Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island

New Haven, Conn., 1648b

New Jersey, 1568, 1644

    bibliography, 32
    education, 549, 573, 664
    employment, 488
    housing, 527
    riots, 1577

New Jersey Library Association, Bibliography Committee, 32

New Orleans, 519, 1309, 1381, 1599, 1732

    riots, 1587

_New South_ (Atlanta), 1525

New York (City), 1483, 1611, 1631- 1633, 1639, 1659

    Board of Education, 771
    Office of Intergroup Education, 611
    City University of New York, 90
    education, 588, 622
    employment, 448, 455
    Harlem Hospital, 1290
    housing, 495
    Interdepartmental Neighborhood Service Center, 1629
    medicine and health, 1290, 1311
    Metropolitan Museum of Art, 95
    police, 1583
    Practising Law Institute, 372
    Public Library, 2, 33, 41, 1632
      Schomburg Collection of Negro Literature, 18b, 34
    segregation, 1481
    _See also_ Harlem, New York (City)

New York (State), 1592

    employment, 471, 488
    housing, 506, 520
    mental illness, 1301
    race discrimination, 938
    race relations, 1526
    slavery, 289, 850
    State Commission for Human Rights, 471, 520
      Research Division, 1526
    State Council on the Arts, 95
    Temporary Commission Against Discrimination, 471, 1526
    _See also_ New York (City)

_New York Times_, 357

New York Urban League, 90

Newark, N.J., 527, 1568, 1577

Newbold, Nathan C., ed., 132

Newby, Idus A., 1526a- 1527

Newman, Dorothy K., 416

Newman, Shirlee P., 259

_News Year_, 328


    bibliography, 5, 38
    directories, 66, 1459a

Nichols, Charles H., 133

Nichols, James L., 70

Nichols, Mary D., ed., 1412

Nicholson, Joseph W., 1685

Nicol, Helen O., 472

Niles, Abbe, 210, 1353- 1354

Niles, John Jacob, 1370

Niles, Walter L., 1290

Nilon, Charles H., 970

Nipson, Herbert, ed., 1011

Noble, Jeanne L., 627

Nolan, William A., 1434

Nolen, Claude H., 1528

Nonviolence, 1382

Norfleet, Marvin B., 628

Norfolk, Va., 564

Norgren, Paul H., 473- 474

Norris, John Franklyn, about, 293

North Carolina, 215, 418, 429, 1620, 1650, 1754

    civil rights, 380, 575, 1608a
    Division of Negro Education, 629
    education, 132, 557- 558, 575, 629, 652
    folk-lore and folk-tales, 683
    history, 719, 741
    housing, 515
    politics, 1417, 1425, 1427, 1430
    Reconstruction, 884a, 900
    segregation, 1554
    slavery, 155, 251
      Institute for Research in Social Science, 564
      School of Public Administration, 1754

North Carolina Mayors' Co-operating Committee, 1650

Northrup, Herbert R., 476- 477a

    ed., 475

Northwood, Lawrence K., 521

Nowlin, William F., 1435

Nunn, William C., 913

Nurses, 484, 487

Nutrition, 653

Nye, Russel B., 363a

Oak, Vishnu V., 1459a

Oakland, Calif., 398

    Art Museum, 89

Oberlin College, Library, 35

Occupational training, 398

Odd Fellows, Grand United Order of, in America, 1383

Odum, Howard W., 1371

Ogden, Frederic D., 1436

O'Grady, Janine G., 1648

O'Hanlon, Thomas, 415

Ohio, 244, 1341, 1391, 1603, 1617, 1634a

    Central State College, Wilberforce
      about, 1617
      Library, 18b
      _See also_ Wilberforce University, Wilberforce, Ohio
    education, 613, 652
    freemasons, 1399
    politics, 1454
    slavery, 816

Ohio Historical Society, 1341

Oklahoma, 1626, 1649

    colonization, 717
    education, 652

Oklahoma City, 1626

Olbrich, Emil, 1437

Oliver, Joseph ("King" Joe), about, 151

Olmsted, Frederick L., 853

Olsen, Jack, 1777

Olsen, Otto H., 260

Olson, Frederick J., 1628

Operation Crossroads Africa, 274

Orations, 1018, 1032, 1044

Orden, Bob, ed., 1200

O'Reilly, Charles T., 1630

Organizations, 421, 1382- 1401

Osofsky, Gilbert, 1529, 1631

O'Sullivan, Tom, illus., 1275

Ott, Eleanore, 393

Ottley, Roi, 261, 772, 1142, 1632- 1633

Ovesey, Lionel, 1296

Ovington, Mary W., 134

Owen, Juliette A., illus., 702a

Owen, Mary A., 702a

Owens, William A., 854

Pain, William, 364

Paintings, 83, 85, 93

Palfi, Marian, illus., 103

Pancoast, Elinor, 619

Park, Robert E., 1530, 1551

Parker, Charles C. (Charlie "Bird"), about, 271

Parker, Donald F., 717

Parker, Robert A., 262

Parker, Seymour, 1305

Parks, Gordon, 263, 1142a

Parks, Lillian R., 264

Parks, Rosa L., about, 127, 145

Parsons, Elsie W. C., ed., 703

Parsons, Talcott, ed., 1005

Passow, A. Harry, ed., 663

Pattee, Richard, 799

Patterson, Caleb P., 1633a

Patterson, Floyd, 265

Patterson, Frederick D., ed., 227

Patterson, Lindsay, comp., 671, 1372

Pauli, Hertha E., 266

Payne, Daniel A., 1687

Paynter, John H., 478, 1143

Peary, Robert E., 218

Pease, Frederick H., 773

Pease, Jane H., 774

Pease, William H., 774

Peck, James, 1531

Penn, Irvine G., 1460

Penniman, George W., ed., 750

Pennington, Edgar L., 630

Pennington, James W. C., 267, 775

Pennsylvania, 187, 871, 1461, 1608, 1666

    education, 652
    folk-lore and folk-tales, 673
    housing, 524, 539
    public health, 1304
    riots, 1570
    slavery, 877a
    University, Wharton School of Finance and Commerce
      Industrial Research Unit, 476- 477, 482
      Labor Relations Council, 475


    bibliography, 74
    directories, 66
    indexes, 18b, 37a

Perry, Jennings, 1438

Pershing, John J., 1332

Peskin, Allan, ed., 244

Peterkin, Julia M., 1727

Peters, Paul, 1222

Peters, Phillis. _See_ Wheatley, Phillis

Peters, William, 1499, 1532

Petersen, William, ed., 1533

Petry, Ann L., 1144- 1146

Pettet, Zellmer R., 1736

Pettigrew, Thomas F., 27, 365, 1306

Peyton, Thomas R., 1307

Pharr, Robert D., 1147

Phelps-Stokes Fund, 68, 631, 651a, 1534, 1691

Philadelphia, 187, 1461, 1608, 1666

    folk-lore and folk-tales, 673
    housing, 524, 539
    riots, 1570

Phillips, Ulrich B., 417, 855- 856

Phillips, Wendell, about, 158

Photographers, 263

Physicians, 171, 211, 237, 492, 1298, 1300, 1303, 1307, 1311

Pickard, Kate E. R., 857

Pickens, William, 1148

Piech, Paul P., illus., 1020

Pierce, Joseph A., 433

Pike, James S., 1439

Pine Bluff, Ark., 690, 692

Pinkney, Alphonso, 776

Pipes, James, 1273

Pipes, William H., 1033, 1688

Pippin, Horace, about, 93

Pitts, Elsie W., ed., 1650

Pitts, Nathan A., 418

Pittsburgh, 1304

_Pittsburgh Courier_, about, 282

Plans for Progress, 76, 632

Plantation life, 417, 855, 858, 1613a, 1712, 1727, 1741

Planter (Steamer), 288

Plato, Ann, 991

Plaut, Richard L., 632

    ed., 626

Plays, 1205- 1227

Playwrights, 225- 226, 948, 1209

Pleasant, Mary E., about, 220

Ploski, Harry A., comp., 77

Plotkin, Lawrence, 565

Poetry, 971, 974, 1228- 1285

    bibliography, 37, 46
    history and criticism, 1238

Poets, 1234, 1240, 1268

    biography (collective), 139
    biography (individual), 166, 180, 192, 225- 226, 231, 252, 292

Pointe de Sable, Jean B., fiction, 1094

Poitier, Sidney, about, 140

Police, 372, 441, 1492, 1580, 1583, 1759, 1760- 1761

Polite, Carlene H., 1149

Political parties, 1409, 1416, 1421.

    _See also_ Republican Party

Politics, 318, 374, 419, 898, 943, 1402- 1455

    bibliography, 13, 57
    biography. _See_ Legislators

Poll tax, 1436, 1438

Pollard, Edward A., 914

Pool, Rosey E., ed., 1274

Poole, Elijah, 1689

Poor People's Campaign, 1576

Pope, Liston, 1535

Port Royal, S.C., 1636

Porter, Dorothy B., 36- 37a

Porter, James A., 91- 92, 97

Porter, Mrs. M. E., 394

Posey, Thomas E., 1634

Postell, William D., 858

Potomac Institute, Washington, D.C., 522

Potter, David M., 417

Poverty, 413, 480, 526, 633, 1640, 1713, 1752, 1767

Powdermaker, Hortense, 1728

Powell, Adam Clayton, 777

    about, 219, 236

Powledge, Fred, 1535a

Practising Law Institute, 372

Preaching, 1688

Prejudice, 1016, 1518, 1564, 1745

President's Conference on Home Building and Home Ownership, Washington,
D.C., _1931_, 523

Presidents, U.S., 264.

    _See also_ names of individual Presidents

Press, 325a, 1013, 1429, 1456- 1462

    biography (collective), 121, 1460
    biography (individual), 261, 263, 282, 1506
    _See also_ Newspapers, Periodicals

Preston, Edward, 268

Price, Arthur Cooper, 1753

Price, Daniel O., 564

Price, Hugh D., 1440

Price, Leontyne, about, 140

Price, Margaret W., 1441

Price, Thomas, 277

Pride, Armistead S., 28, 1456

Priest, Madge H., 539

Priests. _See_ Clergymen

Prince Edward Co., Va., 586, 637

Princeton University, Program in American Civilization, 39

Prints, 94

Private schools, 585, 617, 651a

Proctor, H. H., 1758

Proctor, Samuel D., 366

Professions, 444, 492

Progressivism, 371

Protestant churches, 1674, 1684, 1690.

    _See also_ names of individual denominations, e.g., Baptists,

Prothro, James W., 1431

Proudfoot, Merrill, 1536

Psychology, 381, 568, 589, 789, 1293- 1294, 1296- 1297, 1299, 1306,
1309, 1486, 1513

Public Affairs Committee, 531, 1313, 1731

Public opinion, 1404, 1497, 1554

Public schools, 570, 578, 648

    Arkansas, 544, 551, 635
    Maryland, 618- 619
    Massachusetts, 612
    New England, 839a
    New Jersey, 549, 573
    North Carolina, 575, 629
    Southern States, 646, 649, 839a
    Virginia, 564, 637
    Washington, D.C., 600

Puckett, Newbell N., 704

Puerto Ricans, 296, 745, 1611, 1640

Pushkin, Aleksandr S., about, 120

Putnam, Carleton, 1537

Quarles, Benjamin, 739, 778- 779, 1330- 1331

    comp., 269
    ed., 186

Quick, Charles W., ed., 1022

Quillin, Frank U., 1634a

Quint, Howard H., 1538

Race, 1503- 1504, 1530, 1548, 1729, 1755

Race awareness, 1745, 1749

Race discrimination, 313, 321, 729, 932, 935, 946, 1522, 1527, 1549,

    bibliography, 52
    in education, 565, 612, 615, 636, 647
    in employment, 436- 437, 439, 445, 456, 460, 463, 465- 467, 474-
    475, 480- 481, 483, 485, 488, 490
    in housing, 493, 496, 498- 499, 505, 507, 509- 510, 520- 522,
    524, 528- 530, 532- 535
      bibliography, 517
    in sports, 1778
    law and legislation, 353, 937- 938, 941
    Michigan, 1648a
    South Dakota, 1338
    Southern States, 1525, 1528
    _See also_ Segregation

Race relations, 64, 135, 176, 349, 359, 381, 943, 994, 1306, 1463- 1591,
1608, 1660, 1683- 1684, 1698, 1703, 1714, 1721, 1745, 1749, 1760

    Alabama, 201, 1501
    and education, 581, 628
    and employment, 486
    anthologies, 994
    bibliography, 1, 4, 50
    California, 398, 1635
    Connecticut, 1489, 1618a
    directories, 72
    District of Columbia, 1610
    drama, 1211
    essays and addresses, 323, 785, 997- 998, 1003, 1006- 1007,
    1018, 1021, 1026- 1028, 1031, 1035, 1037, 1043, 1503
    in literature, 959
    Kentucky, 1476
    Maryland, 1622
    Michigan, 182, 1581, 1585
    Mississippi, 1480, 1506, 1641
    New Jersey, 1577
    New York (State), 1481, 1526
    Pennsylvania, 1608
    South Carolina, 1439
    Southern States, 316, 919, 1422, 1428, 1479, 1490- 1491, 1493,
    1495, 1497, 1502, 1525, 1532, 1555, 1566, 1569a
    study and teaching, 611
    Virginia, 1655
    _See also_ Church and race problems, Civil rights,, Race
    discrimination, Segregation

Raim, Ethel, 1346

Rainwater, Lee, 1768

Raleigh, N.C., 429

Ramsey, Frederic, 1373

    ed., 1374

Ranch life, 165

Randall, James G., 915

Randel, William P., 1539

Randolph, Asa Philip, 446, 1472

    about, 118, 145, 449

Randolph, John, about, 251

Range, Willard, 634

Ransom, Reverdy C., Bishop, 81

    ed., 1701

Raper, Arthur F., 1540

Rapid City, S.D., 1338

Rapier, James T., about, 195

Rapkin, Chester, 524

Ratchford, B. U., 469

Reconstruction, 260, 642, 716, 730, 751, 883- 930, 1334, 1413- 1414,

    fiction, 1198

Record, Jane C., ed., 635

Record, Wilson, 1394, 1442, 1635

    ed., 635

Redden, Carolyn L., 62

Reddick, Lawrence D., 270

Redding, Jay Saunders, 135, 770, 780- 782, 971, 1034, 1150, 1203, 1244

Reference sources, 1- 81.

    _See also_ Bibliographies; Biographical dictionaries,

Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel, Elkins Park, Pa., 842

Regimental histories, 1315, 1317, 1319- 1320, 1322, 1333, 1337

Regional studies, 1592-1655.

    _See also_ names of places and regions, e.g., Georgia, Southern

Reid, Ira De A., 40, 799, 1627, 1678

    ed., 1464

Reid, Margaret G., 525

Reimers, David M., 1690

Reisner, Robert G., 41, 271

Reitzes, Dietrich C., 1308

Religion and the church, 262, 285, 307, 682, 968, 1207, 1656-1701, 1741.

    _See also_ Church and race problems, Clergymen, Slavery, ----and
    the church; names of denominations and faiths, e.g., Baptists,

Republican Party, 877, 908, 1409, 1416

Research and Action Associates, 495

Research Analysis Corporation, 1321

Reuter, Edward B., 1541

Rhode Island, 1594

Rhode Island Soldiers and Sailors Historical Society, 1333

Richardson, Ben A., 136

Richardson, Clement, ed., 73

Richardson, Harry V., 1691

Richardson, Joe M., 916

Richardson, Willis, 1223

    comp., 1223
    ed., 1224

Rickey, Branch, 275, 1776

Riley, Jerome R., 1443

Ringe, Helen H., 479

Riots, 1570- 1591, 1593

Roach, Margaret, ed., 1661

Robb, Bernard, 705

Roberts, Bruce, 1473

Roberts, Owen J., 542

Roberts, Warren E., 683

Robeson, Eslanda G., 272

Robeson, Paul, 273

    about, 118, 134, 140, 206, 224, 272

Robinson, James H., 274

Robinson, John R. (Jackie), 275- 276, 1778

    about, 127, 245, 278

Robinson, Louie, 1779

Robinson, Luther (Bill "Bojangles"),

    about, 140

Robinson, Wilhelmena S., 137

Rockhurst College, Kansas City, Mo., 1661

Rodman, Selden, 93

Roelof-Lanner, T. V., ed., 94

Rogers, Elymas P., 848

Rogers, Joel A., 138, 783- 784, 1151, 1542, 1729

Rohrer, John H., ed., 1309

Rollins, Bryant, 1152

Rollins, Charlemae H., 139- 141, 1228

    comp., 1275
    ed., 42

Romero, Patricia W., 1340

Roosevelt, Theodore, 1332

Roper, Moses, 277

Rose, Arnold M., 1726, 1730

    ed., 785, 1463

Rose, Willie L. N., 1636

Rosen, Alex, 1570

Rosenwein, Sam, 330

Ross, Arthur M., ed., 480

Ross, David P., ed., 98

Ross, Frank A., 43

Ross, Malcolm H., 481

Rossi, Peter H., 1586

Rousseve, Charles B., 1637

Rousseve, Numa J., illus., 1599

Rousseve, Ronald J., 1035

Rowan, Carl T., 278, 1543- 1544, 1642

Rowan, Richard L., 482

    ed., 475

Rowland, Mabel, ed., 279

Rozwenc, Edwin C., ed., 859

Rubin, Louis D., ed., 594

Ruchames, Louis, 483

    ed., 860

Rudwick, Elliott M., 280- 281, 766, 1584, 1728

    comp., 1029

Rukeyser, William S., 415

Rumbough, Constance H., 1545

Rural churches, 1667- 1668

Rural life, 1719, 1743, 1770.

    _See also_ Plantation life

Russell, John H., 1638

Rust, Brian A. L., 151

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N.J., Urban Studies Center, 527

Rutledge, Aaron L., 484

Ryan, Orletta, 588

Sable, Jean B. Pointe de, fiction, 1094

Sackler, Howard O., 1225

Sagarin, Edward, 431

St. Helena Island, S.C., 699

Sale, John B., 706

Salk, Erwin A., 44

Salomon, Chester V., 1628

Sam, Alfred C., about, 717

San Diego, Calif., Fine Arts Gallery, 89

San Francisco Bay region, 221, 1635

San Pedro, Calif., 513

Sanborn, Franklin B., 861, 1758

Sandburg, Carl, 148

Sanders, Wiley B., ed., 1754

Sandle, Floyd L., 672

Saperstein, Abe, 1781

Saunders, Doris E., ed., 367

Savoy, Willard W., 1153

Sawyer, Frank B., ed., 66

Scally, Mary Anthony, Sister, 45

Scarborough, Dorothy, 862, 1375

Scarborough, Ruth, 862

Schechter, Betty, 1444

Scheer, Robert, ed., 1485

Scheiner, Seth M., 1639

Schickel, Richard, 223

Schiedt, Duncan P., 1364

Schiltz, Michael E., 457

Schleifer, Marc, ed., 380

Schlein, Irving, ed., 1344

Schoener, Allon, comp., 95

Schomburg, Arthur A., 1283

    comp., 46

Schomburg Collection of Negro Literature and History, 18b, 34

Schools. _See_ Private schools, Public schools

Schorr, Alvin L., 526

Schuchter, Arnold, 419

Schulberg, Budd, ed., 993

Schuman, Howard, 1586

Schuyler, George S., 282, 1153a

Schuyler, Philippa D., 283

Schwerner, Michael H., about, 124

Scientists, 191, 207, 211, 221, 237.

    _See_ also Explorers, Physicians

Scott, Dred, about, 844

Scott, Emmett J., 1332

Scott, John A., 841

Scottsboro case, 1756

Scruggs, Lawson A., 142

Sculpture, 85, 88

Sea Islands, S.C., 580, 1346, 1602, 1636, 1651

    folk-lore and folk-tales, 686, 694a, 699, 703

Seaton, Shirley, 711

Seattle, 521

Segal, Ben D., ed., 368

Segregation, 214, 309, 365, 759, 1308, 1339, 1462, 1464, 1467, 1474-
1476, 1501a, 1513, 1526a, 1531, 1535a, 1545, 1550, 1552, 1562- 1563,
1565, 1746

    and mental health, 1294
    and the press, 1459
    bibliography, 52
    Connecticut, 1489, 1618a
    Georgia, 936
    humor, 1200
    in child care, 1750
    in education, 555, 585, 589, 595- 596, 599, 608, 624- 625, 628,
    633, 645,  648, 650- 651, 1745
      Arkansas, 551, 559, 635, 1508
      bibliography, 59
      case studies, 554, 570
      essays and addresses, 602, 658
      law and legislation, 542, 547, 550, 579, 592, 654
      Maryland, 618- 619
      New Jersey, 549, 573
      New York (City), 588, 622
      Southern States, 541, 564, 568, 582, 601, 607, 637, 639- 640,
      643, 646, 649, 659, 1538
      Washington, D.C., 593
    in housing, 494, 502, 516, 531, 536, 1553
    in libraries, 603
    in restaurants, 1536
    in sports, 1777
    in transportation, 270, 1501
    Kentucky, 1476
    New York (City), 1483
    North Carolina, 1554
    religious aspects, 1660, 1662, 1676, 1690, 1692
    South Carolina, 1538
    Southern States, 1474, 1490, 1493- 1494, 1497, 1543, 1555- 1557
    Tennessee, 1536
    Virginia, 1547
    _See also_ Race discrimination

Sellers, James B., 863

Sellers, James E., 1692

Sevareid, Arnold Eric, 1473

Sexton, Patricia C., 636, 1640

Shannon, Alexander H., 1546

Shapiro, Karl, 1276

Shapiro, Nat, comp., 1376

Sharon, Henrietta B., illus., 1230

Shelby, Gertrude M., 707

Shenton, James P., ed., 917

Shepard, Leslie, 1370

Sherlock, P. M., 286

Sherman, George R., 1333

Sherrard, Owen A., 864

Shoemaker, Don, ed., 640

Shogan, Robert, 1585

Short stories, 1049, 1051, 1064, 1067- 1068a, 1082, 1085, 1109- 1110,
1113, 1115, 1122- 1123, 1148, 1166, 1183, 1275

Shugg, Roger W., 865

Shuttlesworth, Fred, about, 145

Siebert, Wilbur H., 866

Sieg, Vera, 47

Sierra Leone, 801

Silberman, Charles E., 1546a

Silver, James W., 1641

Silverman, Martin, ed., 611

Simmons, William J., 143

Simms, William R., ed., 1393

Simpson, George E., 1461

Sinclair, William A., 918

Singers. _See_ Entertainment; Musicians

Singletary, Otis A., 1334

Singleton, George A., 284, 1693

Skaggs, William H., 919

Skin diseases, 1310

Sklar, George, 1222

Slater Fund for Negro Education, 594

Slave insurrections, 808- 809, 823, 836, 840, 847, 854, 878

Slave labor, 814, 855

Slave songs, 1344, 1352

Slave trade, 811, 820, 825, 845, 864, 867, 869

Slavery, 363a, 417, 723, 731, 775, 788, 804- 805, 808- 882, 921, 933,
1312, 1495, 1559

    Alabama, 155, 857, 863
    and the church, 818, 1673, 1698
    bibliography, 17, 973
    biographies and narratives, 133, 155, 157, 162, 169, 183, 185-
    186, 196, 216, 230a, 232, 243, 251, 267, 277, 289, 298, 300,
    829, 845
      about, 870
    District of Columbia, 942
    fiction, 1100, 1143
    Georgia, 157, 169, 841, 862
    history, 718, 736- 737, 742, 797, 839a
      sources, 881
    justification, 832, 839, 846, 849
    Kentucky, 162, 791, 817, 857
    Louisiana, 865, 876
    Maryland, 157, 185- 186, 267, 298, 796, 813, 1654
    Massachusetts, 852
    Mississippi, 875
    New England, 748
    New York (State), 289, 833, 850
    North Carolina, 155, 251
    Ohio, 816
    Pennsylvania, 877a
    South Carolina, 157, 277, 847
    Southern States, 216, 811, 835- 836, 842, 849, 855- 856, 868,
    Tennessee, 1633a
    Texas, 853
    Virginia, 230a, 289, 765, 809, 814, 823, 840, 878, 1645
      fiction, 1110
    _See also_ Abolitionists, Antislavery movements, Emancipation

Sleeper, Charles F., 1694

Slichter, Sumner H., 477a

Sloan, Irving J., 786

Slums, 527

Smalley, Webster, 1219

Smalls, Robert, about, 288

Smith, Amanda B., 285

Smith, Charles E., ed., 1374

Smith, Charles S., ed., 1687

Smith, Ezekiel E., about, 132

Smith, Henry, 1234

Smith, James Wesley, 1547

Smith, Lillian E., 369

Smith, Myrtle E., 395

Smith, Robert C., 637

Smith, Samuel D., 1445

Smith, Wendell, 275

Smith, William G., 1154- 1156

Smithsonian Institution, National Collection of Fine Arts, 96

Smuts, Robert W., 450

Snethen, Worthington G., comp., 942

Sobel, Lester A., ed., 370

Social conditions, 339, 382, 400, 405, 414, 420, 426, 453, 492, 523,
552, 562- 563, 571, 605, 670- 671, 721, 803, 828, 939, 1290, 1296- 1297,
1306, 1511, 1559, 1672, 1702- 1270

    bibliography, 40, 43
    Chicago, 1607
    Cleveland, 377
    essays and addresses, 995, 1000
    Minnesota, 1624
    Mississippi, 1451
    New Haven, 1648b
    Southern States, 417, 545, 1495, 1668
    Washington, D.C., 511, 1619
    West Virginia, 537

Social Democratic Federation, 345

Social Science Research Council, 43, 1719a

Socialist Party (U.S.), 345

Socially handicapped children, 584, 588, 609, 644, 663

Societies. _See_ Organizations

Society for the Advancement of Education, 555

Somerville, John A., 286

Songs, 56, 685, 688, 695, 697, 700, 1344, 1346, 1351, 1353, 1359, 1367,
1369- 1371, 1377

    bibliography, 15
    history and criticism, 699, 1238, 1348- 1349, 1352, 1355, 1365-
    1366, 1375
    _See also_ Spirituals

The South. _See_ Southern States

South Carolina, 847, 1427, 1538, 1647

    education, 580, 616, 652
    Episcopalians, 1700
    folk-lore and folk-tales, 674, 676, 694, 707, 709
    music, 1346
    politics, 108- 109, 1423, 1427, 1439
    Reconstruction, 883, 884a, 886, 903, 924, 929, 1439
    slavery, 157, 277, 847
    social conditions, 1741
    State College, Orangeburg, School of Graduate Studies, 108
    _See also_ Sea Islands, S.C.

South Dakota, 1338

Southampton Insurrection, _1831_, 809, 823, 840, 878

Southern, David W., 371

Southern Commission on the Study of Lynching, 1540

Southern Education Reporting Service, 638- 640

Southern Regional Council, 585, 601, 1441, 1462, 1525

Southern States, 425, 947, 1373, 1422, 1479, 1491, 1495, 1525, 1528,
1532, 1566, 1569a, 1716, 1719, 1722, 1740

    churches, 1668
    cities and towns, 879, 1596
    civil rights, 316, 326, 356, 360, 369, 1401
    cookery, 383- 384, 394
    economic conditions, 397, 404, 417, 425, 835, 855- 856, 919,
    1502, 1709
    education, 541, 545, 560, 568, 581, 604, 615, 631, 638- 640,
    646, 649, 659
    employment, 469
    history, 743, 806- 807.
      _See also_ Reconstruction;
    humor, 1204
    Jews, 842
    justice, administration of, 354, 1761
    police, 441
    politics, 906, 919, 1416, 1421, 1426, 1428, 1430- 1431, 1436,
    1441, 1452- 1453
    press, 1429, 1462
    public schools, 839a
    Reconstruction, 884a, 891, 893, 895, 906, 917, 922
    segregation, 607, 1474, 1490, 1493- 1494, 1497, 1543, 1555- 1557
    slavery, 216, 811, 835- 836, 842, 849, 868, 879
    social conditions, 417, 856, 919, 1709- 1710

Southern Study in Higher Education, 659

Southwest, New, 165, 198, 688- 689

Sovern, Michael I., 485

Spangler, Earl, 48, 1642

Spanish-American War, 1315, 1335

Sparkman, J. R., 1563

Spear, Allan H., 989, 1643

Spearman, Walter, 1462

Spears, John R., 867

Spellman, A. B., 144

Spellman, Cecil L., 641

Spencer, Gerald A., 1310- 1311

Spencer, Samuel R., 287

Spero, Sterling D., 486

Spingarn, Arthur B., 18

Spirituals, 1347, 1356, 1358- 1360, 1378- 1379

Sports, 1771- 1781.

    _See also_ Athletes, names of sports, e.g., Tennis

Stahl, David, ed., 372

Stampp, Kenneth M., 868, 920

Stanton, William R., 1548

Starkey, Marion L., 869

Starling, Marion W., 870

Starr, Isidore, comp., 331

Statistics, 411, 1461, 1605, 1617, 1648, 1701, 1733- 1736.

    _See also_ under specific topics, e.g., Housing, ----statistics

Staudenraus, P.J., 787

Staupers, Mabel K., 487

Stearns, Marshall W., 41

Steel industry and trade, 482

Stephenson, Clarence D., 871

Stephenson, Gilbert T., 943

Sterling, Dorothy, 288, 373, 921

Sterling, Philip, ed., 1203

Sterne, Emma G., 145

Sterner, Richard M., 420, 1726

Sternlieb, George, 527

Stetler, Henry G., 440, 500 -501, 1489

Steward, Austin, 289

Steward, Theophilus G., 1335, 1644

Steward, William, 1644

Stewart, Maxwell S., 1731

Still, James, 290

Still, Lavinia, about, 857

Still, Peter, about, 857

Still, William, 872

Still, William G., about, 118

Stillman, Richard J., 1336

Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, Ala., about, 540

Stock, Mildred, 247

Stokely, James, 1497

Stokes, Anson Phelps, 68, 1534

Stokes, Carl, about, 1454

Stone, Chuck, 1036

Stoney, Samuel G., 707

Storey, Juanita, 711

Storing, H. J., 1014

Stover, William H. M., 1549

Straker, David Augustus, 922

Stribling, Mattie L., 1204

Strickland, Arvarh E., 1395

Strong, Donald S., 1446

Strother, Horatio T., 873

Stuart, Merah S., 421

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, 1401

Students, 583, 1431.

    _See also_ Universities and colleges ----students

Sturges, Gertrude E., 1290

Styles, Fitzhugh L., 146, 944

Styron, William, about, 1002

Suffrage. _See_ Elections, Voting

Sugarman, Tracy, 374

    illus., 145, 374, 897

Suggs, James D., 692

Sussmann, Frederick B., ed., 372

Swint, Henry L., 642

    ed., 923

Sydnor, Charles S., 875

Taeuber, Alma F., 528

Taeuber, Karl E., 528

Tales. _See_ Folk-lore and folk-tales, Short stories

Talley, Marshall A., 1656

Talley, Thomas W., comp., 1377

Talmadge, Herman E., 1550

Tannenbaum, Frank, 788

Tanner, Henry O., about, 952

Taper, Bernard, 1447

Tarry, Ellen, 291- 292

Tate, Thaddeus W., 1645

Tatum, E. Ray, 293

Tatum, Elbert L., 1448

Taylor, Alrutheus A., 924- 925

Taylor, Alva W., 317

Taylor, Deems, 283

Taylor, Joe G., 876

Taylor, Susie K., 1337

Teachers and teaching, 611, 642, 644

    bibliography, 54
    biography (individual), 177, 178, 545, 606, 641
    _See also_ Education; Educators, Private schools, Public
    schools, Universities and colleges

Teaneck, N.J., 573

Ten Broek, Jacobus, 945

Tennessee, 1618b, 1671, 1707

    education, 652
    employment 488
    folk-lore and folk-tales, 710
    politics, 1412, 1438
    public health, 1295
    segregation, 1459, 1536
    slavery, 1633a

Tennis, 154, 204, 1779

Terrell, Mary C., 294

Terry, Paul W., ed., 540

Texas, 165

    economic conditions, 399
    education, 574, 652
    folk-lore and folk-tales, 680- 682, 688
    poetry, 1234
    politics, 212, 1407
    Reconstruction, 913
    slavery, 853
    Southern University, Houston, Library, 49

Texas Folklore Society, 688- 689

Textbooks, bibliography, 29

Theater. _See_ Actors; Drama; Entertainment;  Minstrels, Music;
Musicians,  Plays;  Playwrights

_Theatre Arts_, 668

Theobald, Robert, 1037

13th amendment, about, 56, 931

Thoburn, James M., Bishop, 285

Thomas, Howard E., 375

Thomas, Jesse O., 295

Thomas, Norman, 345

Thomas, Piri, 296

Thomas, Ruby, 111

Thomas, Will, 297

Thompson, Alma M., 50

Thompson, Daniel C., 1309, 1732

Thompson, Edgar T., 50

    ed., 1551

Thompson, Era B., 297a

    ed., 1011
    about, 297a

Thompson, John, 298

Thompson, William, 1309

Thornbrough, Emma L., 1646

    comp., 299

Thorpe, Earl E., 789- 790

Thurman, Howard, 1042, 1378- 1379, 1552

    about, 307

Thurman, Sue B., ed., 391

Thurman, Wallace, 1157- 1158a

Tillman, James A., 529

Tilly, Charles, 530

Tindall, George B., 1563, 1647

Titus, Frances W., 205

Toben, R. L., illus., 683

Tobias, Channing H., 110, 1534

Tolson, Melvin B., 1276- 1278

Tomkins, Silvan S., 1297

Toomer, Jean, 1159

Topeka, Kan., Board of Education, appellee, 579

Toppin, Edgar A., 117, 897

Torrence, Frederic R., 1226

Tourgee, Albion W., about, 260

Toussaint Louverture, Francois D., about, 120

    fiction, 1056

Towler, Juby E., 1760

Townsend, William H., 791

Trade-unions, 438, 448, 460, 463, 470, 477a, 486, 1533

Traill, Sinclair, 1364

Tredegar Company, Richmond, 814

Trefousse, Hans L., 877

Treworgy, Mildred L., 51

Trillin, Calvin, 643

Trottenberg, Arthur D., 1005

Trotter, James M., 1380

Troup, Cornelius V., 147

Trubowitz, Sidney, 644

Truman, Harry S., 1038

Trumbull Park, Chicago, 497

Truth, Sojourner, about, 120, 161, 205, 266

Tuberculosis, 1304

Tubman, Harriet R., about, 120, 127, 164, 177a

Tucker, Sterling, 531, 1553

Tufts University, Lincoln Filene Center for Citizenship and Public
Affairs, 633

Tulane University of Louisiana, Urban Life Research Institute, 1309

Tumin, Melvin M., 1554

Turner, Arlin, ed., 316

Turner, Darwin T., ed., 972

Turner, Edward R., 877a

Turner, Lorenzo D., 973

    ed., 979

Turner, Lucy M., 1279

Turner, Nat, 809, 840, 878, 1002

Turpin, Waters E., 1160- 1162

Tuskegee, Ala., 201, 1425, 1447

    bibliography, 13

Tuskegee Institute

    about, 227, 257, 301, 656
    Dept. of Records and Research, 12- 13, 52- 54, 591
    Hollis Burke Frissell Library, 62

Tussman, Joseph, ed., 946

Twentieth Century Fund, 485

Twin Cities metropolitan area, 437

Tyms, James D., 1695

Ulmann, Doris, illus., 1727

Underground railroad, 815- 816, 834, 848, 866, 871- 873

United Community Services of Metropolitan Boston, 1648

United Parents Associations of New York City, 622


    Advisory Committee on Education, 660
    Army Air Forces, about, 1318
    Bureau of Education. _See_ U.S. Office of Education
    Bureau of Labor Statistics, 416, 422- 423, 479
    Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, about, 241,
    883, 885, 903
    Bureau of the Census, 1733- 1736
    Business and Defense Services Administration, 23
    Children's Bureau, 1750
    Commission on Civil Rights, 376- 377, 532- 533, 549, 575, 645-
    649, 1449, 1648a, 1761
      South Dakota Advisory Committee, 1338
      State Advisory Committees Division, 488
    Commission to the Paris Exposition, _1900_, 28
    Committee on Fair Employment Practice, about, 449, 481, 483
      biography, 1445
      _The Congressional Globe_, 931
      _Congressional Record_, 931
      history, 887
        Committee on Education and Labor, 650- 651
        Select Subcommittee on Labor, 792
        Select Committee on New Orleans Riots, 1587
      1st amendment, about, 346
      13th amendment, about, 56, 931
      14th amendment, about, 57, 363, 496, 654, 931, 934, 945
      15th amendment, about, 57, 931, 1415
    Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, 424
    Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, Library, 55
    Dept. of Labor
      Division of Negro Economics, 489
      Office of Policy Planning and Research, 1768- 1769
    Dept. of State, 1001
    Dept. of the Army, 467
      Office of Military History, 1324
    Economic Development Administration, about, 398
      history. _See_ History,
    Housing and Home Finance Agency, Office of Program Policy, 534
    Laws, statutes, etc., Civil Rights Act of _1964_, about, 314,
    330, 1022
    Library of Congress, 28, 56
      Division of Bibliography, 57- 58
      Division of Music, 1367
      Photoduplication Service, 38
    Military Academy, West Point, about, 197
    National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, 1586, 1588
    National Archives, 3, 24
    National Center for Educational Statistics, 567
    National Commission on Negro History and Culture, about, 792
    Office of Education, 543, 562, 567, 651a- 652
      Division of Vocational Education, 653
    President, _1961-1963_ (Kennedy), 378
    President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity, 439
    President's Committee on Equal Opportunity in the Armed Forces,
    Social Security Administration, Division of Research and
    Statistics, 526
    Supreme Court, 946
      about, 547, 550, 940
    Welfare Administration, 1629
    Women's Bureau, 472

United States Committee for the First World Festival of Negro Arts, 96

_U.S. Negro World_, 66

Universal Negro Improvement Association, 179

Universities and colleges, 565, 581, 590, 598, 604- 605, 615- 616, 623,
634, 652, 659

    directories, 76, 626, 632
    graduates, 457, 571, 577, 587, 605, 623
    statistics, 543
    students, 201, 562- 563, 565, 590, 604, 621, 643

Urban League of Dayton, Ohio, 1391

Urban League of Greater New York, 90

Urban League of Greater Providence, 1594

Urban League of Westchester County, 506

Urban renewal, 1715, 1738- 1739

Vander, Harry J., 1450

Vander Zanden, James W., 1555

Van Deusen, John G., 793

Van Doren, Carl, 206

Van Doren, Charles, 770

Van Dyke, Henry, 1163- 1164

Vanecko, James J., 570

Van Ellison, Candice, 95

Van Vechten, Carl, 1261

Varela, Horace, illus., 115, 724

Varner, Clyde F., ed., 711

Vaughan, Curtis M., 1556

Vesey, Denmark, about, 847

Virginia, 458- 459, 1547, 1618, 1638, 1655

    Commission on Constitutional Government, 654, 931
    crime, 1757, 1759a
    education, 564, 582, 586, 637, 652, 654
    folk-lore and folk-tales, 705
    housing, 512
    politics, 1410, 1433
    Reconstruction, 888, 925
    slavery, 230a, 289, 765, 809, 814, 823, 840, 878, 1645
    slavery fiction, 1100
    University, Library, Tracy W. McGregor Library, 230a

Voegeli, V. Jacque, 794

Vollmar, William J., 1628

Voodooism, 697, 702a, 704

Voorhis, Harold V., 1396

Vose, Clement E., 535

Voting, 1402- 1403, 1412, 1415, 1425, 1428- 1429, 1432, 1438, 1441,
1443, 1446, 1449, 1451a, 1453, 1533

    bibliography, 57

Vroman, Mary E., 1396a

WINS. _See_ Women's Integrating Neighborhood Services

Wachtel, Dawn, 490

Wade, Richard C., 879, 1563

    ed., 795

Wagandt, Charles L., 796

Wagner, Jean, 974

Wain, Louis, illus., 702a

Walker, A. B., illus., 677a

Walker, David, 810, 880

Walker, Maggie L., about, 114, 134

Walker, Margaret, 1165, 1280

Walker, Marion E., ed., 1590

Wallace, Daniel W., about, 165

Wallace, Jesse T., 1451

Wallace, John, 926

Waller, Fats, about, 140, 1364

Walrond, Eric, 1166

Wanless, Julia, 752

War of 1812, 1343

Ward, Samuel R., 300

Ward, Thomas P., 1167

Wardlaw, Ralph W., 1451a

Ware, Charles P., comp., 1344

Warner, Robert A., 1648b

Warner, William L., ed., 1709

Warren, Francis H., comp., 1623

Warren, Robert Penn, 379, 1557

Washington, Booker T., 218, 301, 425, 434, 655, 797, 1039- 1040, 1737

    ed., 656
    about, 120, 214, 287, 299, 767, 952

Washington, Mrs. Booker T., 70

Washington, Chester L., 239

Washington, Ernest Davidson, ed., 1040

Washington, George, about, 765

    fiction, 1100

Washington, Jennie, illus., 195

Washington, John E., 148

Washington, Joseph R., 1696- 1697

Washington, Josephine T., 142

Washington, Nathaniel J., 1649

Washington (State), 521

Washington, D.C., 1619, 1752, 1767

    Dunbar High School, 600
    education, 572, 593, 600, 657
    Federation of Churches, Interracial Committee, 511
    Frederick Douglass Memorial Home, 17
    housing, 511, 532
    Ordinances, etc., 942
    public health, 1289
    Reconstruction, 927
    riots, 1576
    White House, 256, 264
    _See also_ District of Columbia

Washington Center for Metropolitan Studies, Washington, D.C., 657

_The Washington Post_, 1576

Waskow, Arthur I., 1591

Watkins, Sylvestre C., ed., 992

Watters, Pat, 1452

Watts, Calif., 1571- 1575

Watts Writers' Workshop, 993

Waxman, Julia, 1

Waynick, Capus M., ed., 1650

Ways, Max, 415

Weatherby, William J., 1558, 1632

Weatherford, Willis D., 1559, 1698

Weaver, Robert C., 415, 536, 600, 1481, 1738- 1739

    bibliography, 55

Webb, Constance, 302

Webb, Frank J., 1168

Weeks, Stephen B., 1453

Wegelin, Oscar, 1281

Weinberg, Kenneth G., 1454

Weinberg, Meyer, 59

    comp., 658
    ed., 602

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